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Comments made by nurse619

Chronically Absent Students Cost County Schools Millions

This article and pressing fails to mention WHY kids don't go to school.
1. Inadequate student:teacher ratio.
2. Bullying from other kids.
3. School districts bullying parents and students about attendance issues.
4. School districts not helping those with emotional and physical problems that hinder performance & attendance.

I withdrew my son from public school. The school district was not "pro-student" at all!!! They are more concerned about the "ADA" than anything else.

My son has emotional and physical problems that prevented him from going to school everyday. We sat down with a rep from the SARB...only to be threatened with possible fines, etc. We are not the only family this has happened too.

I paid good money for an educational advocate to revise my son's IEP. I went to every IEP meeting. Result? Teachers did not put the IEP into action and made up excuses why they weren't going to do something.

Alternative to public school? Private school..tried that. Private schools want "cream of the crop" kids to boost the test scores. I enrolled my son in a private school---only to hear "sorry, we cannot delay the classroom because of your son's problems."

We currently homeschool....the entire public school system sickens me. I have met many teachers that really try hard but the "system" is truly deficient.

June 27, 2011 at 10:43 a.m. ( | suggest removal )