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Comments made by obshellums

Nurse Wanting Help For Marine Says Filner Made Unwanted Sexual Advances

I'm confused. Why did she go to the mayor for this help In June 2013? I know he has been influential as a Congressman for veteran's affairs but he's not a Congressman. She does have a Congressman or Congresswoman. Also there is the organization Wounded Warriors. I hate to sound callous but is she trying to get ahead of others in line that have gone through the regular route for this help? Also if it is so slow or ineffective isn't that supposed to also be addressed by her actual elected federal representatives?

Somehow it doesn't seem right to accuse him of quid pro quo especially if she is trying to get ahead of others who are going through their elected representatives in Congress and the VA system as it exists.

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8th Woman Accuses Filner Of Unwanted Sexual Advances

If she did nothing and claims to have been too afraid of Bob Filner because he as a Congressman is "powerful" what in the world qualifies her to be director for government, military or any studies at City College? I will rethink taking any related courses at City College where I graduated with honors in 2001. I really think her statements and Luna's reflect very badly on City College.

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San Diego Business Leadership Alliance Demands Mayor Filner Resign

strata66 gives me hope. This rush to assassinate the character of Mayor Bob Filner is the most contrived and desperate effort I've seen even if fiction is included. That Congresswomen and Diane Feinstein have chimed in on the demand via media nationally is like sci fi! These federal reps who have the most harmful workplace these days, the federal workplace, where no employment and civil rights including sex, race and age can be fought for by an employee makes their voices the least valid. The remarkable women who the business leaders say they must support are to me the least remarkable women deserving of this support in that they should have taken some action immediately at least for the benefit of less capable, or younger women and workers. That they chose to endure the slights if they really exist for reasons they've given makes them what I call players. Quid pro quo. As far as the city's business leaders who view this as a blow to the image of San Diego, I have to assume they seek blows as this is nothing compared to the many harmful images of San Diego in the past and now with its tabloid type reporting.

It was once reported in the past five or so years that "San Diego surpassed Chicago for corruption". I needn't elaborate here but there are reasons other than this contrived and solicited situation that business leaders in San Diego seek removal of this mayor who does not exist for their purposes before the needs of the public as a whole. I suggest the business leaders chip in on some public toilets downtown and at Old Town and other transit centers to show it cares about the city's image or at least its smell.

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Former San Diego COO: Mayor's Office Canceled Harassment Training

Sexual harassment training is or isn't required. That t isn't required by City of San Diego, per Goldsmith's statement tonight, it is because City of San Diego doesn't care about sexual harassment. Goldsmith claims the mayor chose not to take the training or declined to do so. If its required he'd have had the training and it wouldn't be an option to decline. He simply would be unpaid or prohibited from working without completion by the date required. Orientation type requirements are typically completed within days of starting to work. There is much that is shown by this City employment situation that is unlike any civil service I'm accustomed to. The victim didn't have to go to the employer's HR or designated individual to complain, didn't use the City's EEO or whatever existed for such matters. How does San Diego operate usually when getting rid of this mayor isn't a goal? I am not surprised that San Diego residents don't believe in the training and the City offers it only optionally. Requiring training and making workplaces at the City as well as elsewhere is the least important part of being an employer in San Diego and comes far behind giving good pay, benefits, and respect to employees.
Pretending the City is taking these extreme, rushed and highly publicized actions now to make sure such a situation does not again exist as Mayor Sanders just said in an interview is really hard to believe if the training as well as diversity training is not mandatory for employees and managers who work for the City of San Diego. I am aware there has been some quick fix-it efforts to come up to speed by the city after the smear was engaged in and supported by interested parties. I shudder to think how much was not stated or provided for employees before this effort began.

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San Diego Mayor Faces More Calls To Resign

I got the same impression. On Thursday or Friday when she first was interviewed she was saying "friend . . . but . . . ask him to resign" indicating complaints of sexual harassment made to her. She was sobbing and I guess Briggs or Faulkener was standing with his arm around her while another person was speaking. She was done sobbing and talking. The whole image then was very weird. My guess is Monday was Frye's effort to dispel the image she gave that day--nervous breakdown or difficulty making a charge she shouldn't make against a "friend" just then--with an image of being "really angry". You have supported her in the past. I've been here since '89 and live in OB and of course I know she is known here for "good causes" or "works" and has run for mayor and claimed to not support the pension, etc. I really don't know exactly what she's done or accomplished and wonder if everyone goes along stipulating she is more than she is, dare I suggest "sacred cow"? But I did ask if anyone could fill me in on "what's her legacy"; no response. I did find an old interview where she was asked the same thing and she answered "doesn't believe in legacies" So for now, for me, this sudden bizarre activity of hers that does not ring true at all, especially in light of making these charges now when she is sure she doesn't have the "personnel job with pay" I call this her legacy.

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