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Comments made by offramp

Pedestrians Targeted In San Diego Police Sweep

benz72, an unmarked crosswalk means that, unless otherwise noted, the corner of any block starts a crosswalk to an opposite block's corner.

VC21462. The driver of any vehicle, the person in charge of any animal, any pedestrian, and the motorman of any streetcar shall obey the instructions of any official traffic signal applicable to him and placed as provided by law, unless otherwise directed by a police or traffic officer or when it is necessary for the purpose of avoiding a collision or in case of other emergency, subject to the exemptions granted by Section 21055.

VC214534(d) - (d) Unless otherwise directed by a pedestrian control signal as provided in Section 21456, a pedestrian facing a steady circular red or red arrow signal shall not enter the roadway.

VC21456. Whenever a pedestrian control signal showing the words "WALK" or "WAIT" or "DON'T WALK" or other approved symbol is in place, the signal shall indicate as follows:
(a) "WALK" or approved "Walking Person" symbol. A pedestrian facing the signal may proceed across the roadway in the direction of the signal, but shall yield the right-of-way to vehicles lawfully within the intersection at the time that signal is first shown.
(b) Flashing or steady "DON'T WALK" or "WAIT" or approved "Upraised Hand" symbol. No pedestrian shall start to cross the roadway in the direction of the signal, but any pedestrian who has partially completed crossing shall proceed to a sidewalk or safety zone or otherwise leave the roadway while the "WAIT" or "DON'T WALK" or approved "Upraised Hand" symbol is showing.

VC21461.5. It shall be unlawful for any pedestrian to fail to obey any sign or signal erected or maintained to indicate or carry out the provisions of this code or any local traffic ordinance or resolution adopted pursuant to a local traffic ordinance, or to fail to obey any device erected or maintained pursuant to Section 21352.

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Pedestrians Targeted In San Diego Police Sweep

Alex, so the answer to my question was, no, you did not, at that time, tell the officer that there was an active crack smoker just around the corner.

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Pedestrians Targeted In San Diego Police Sweep

Alex, did you point tell the officer about the crack smokers that were around the corner? How was he supposed to know they were there? You expected him to be clairvoyant, to see what's going on someplace that he's not at, while you do nothing to help? Who scrapes the moral low ground in this scenario?

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Pedestrians Targeted In San Diego Police Sweep

I realize that the information either wasn't inlcuded in the report or wasn't provided by the cops, but this is just one of several operations aimed at lowering pedestrian fatalities. There are others planned to go after motorists who violate the speed and crosswalk laws.

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Escondido Police Under Fire

Peking_Duck_SD, I'm sorry, I just can't go there. There are so many variations of extreme viewpoints and outright threats out there on the fringes, all the fringes, that I can't take any one seriously or I would have to take all seriously. Until one actually takes hold with something more than tiny minority, I won't treat fears of it as anything more than "the sky is falling."

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Escondido Police Under Fire

jenjen, you would have a point, except that the 9:30 a.m. checkpoint was neither a DUI checkpoint nor grant funded. It was an Escodido PD traffic safety checkpoint.

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Escondido Police Under Fire

CarlosEscondido, when the Germans came for all those you mention in the quote, they came to kill them. No one is killing illegal immigrants. They are returning them to their home country. BIG difference. We can speak of the other points, like fiscal responsibility, but don't try to make this a Holocaust twin.

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Escondido Police Under Fire

First, if there was a 9:30 a.m. checkpoint, it probably was not labeled a DUI checkpoint. And if it was, it was not paid for by the state grant, since they limit DUI checkpoints to after 6:00 p.m. Second, not all impounds come from DUI checkpoints, which is the implication here. Most come from regular street patrols and other actions. Also the tows are for everything - impounds from non-licensed, impounds from suspended or revoked licenses, crashed cars, abandoned or stripped cars, stolen cars, every instance in which a car has to be taken from the roadway.

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