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Comments made by oldybutgoody

UCSD Student Suspended For Hanging Noose

I work at a company in San Diego which is presently contaminated by this UCSD racist infestation. It doesn't stop at blacks. It is extended into the 'free thinkers who want to rid the world of all whites' agitated by selfish spoiled brats who need to eat out of garbage cans for a while. After being the brunt end one of these UCSD supposed graduates who can't find their way out of a paper bag and take responsibility for just poor work, I condemn UCSD. This wasn't a black or white either, it was an asian. Oh yes...sins of the father thing......maybe dating back to World War I.

I see where UCSD has some misconception about education and their programs have produced a bunch of left over copycats from the 60's who flunked a course on being a civilized society and responsible citizens. I graduated from National University with a Master's, not a degree specializing in taking my problems out on other people. But I see that is what UCSD is about. Oh yes , 'free thinkers club', I'm sorry.

This message is for all you UCSD special people.... As a result of this from your little haven of racist discriminatory opportunity in San Diego, maybe you can 'free think' this....hiring freeze on all UCSD students and graduates as well as immediate termination of any 'free thinking' outbursts or whatever to hell you want to call it... maybe you can find your way to St. Vincent de Paul's when you are hungry enough. But then again, National didn't have any spoiled brats, just grown-ups.

Oh by the way......brought to you by National University....and I'm a pretty famous writer too.

February 28, 2010 at 5:19 a.m. ( | suggest removal )