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Comments made by olinhyde

Jung-Ho Pak Talks About Resigning From Orchestra Nova

The AFM destroyed Orchestra Nova because they refused to change. Yes, Pak's vision might have been nebulous -- but it worked. The proof was a sold out season.

The intransigence of musicians union destroyed more than Pak's vision. They trampled the relationship with the audience. I'm reticent to ever buy season tickets to any orchestra again. How can I trust that the musicians union won't strike again? This is especially poignant considering that Orchestra Nova was a non-profit.

Orchestra Nova is a failed experiment in bringing new audiences to see old music. Pak failed to anticipate that musicians would prefer silence over his leadership.

There are good reasons San Diego has "Bush League" classical music: There is a paucity of visionary leadership, entrenched musicians that are too mediocre to play in more competitive markets (like San Francisco, Chicago, Pittsburgh) and an audience is this is dying (literally).

The failure of Orchestra Nova will have consequences that will affect the local AFM beyond the cancellation of the season: No visionary conductor will want to start a new orchestra in San Diego. The younger audience that bought tickets to Orchestra Nova are unlikely to subscribe to classical again. And the musicians will suffer.

We all lost on this one.

October 30, 2012 at 6:40 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Orchestra Nova Artistic Director Resigns, Concerts Canceled

Unbelievable! The unions are killing the only classical music company that is selling out, growing and innovating... because they didn't learn how to play with passion?

The unions don't want to innovate.

Anyone that loves classical music knows that the audiences are dying -- literally. Most orchestras survive on big foundation grants and public subsidies. Not Orchestra Nova. They were thriving by bringing new life to an old art form.

Pak did things differently. The audiences love it.

But the unions didn't. Why? Because the union is a dinosaur that refuses to adapt to the new competitive pressures. They would rather die than change.

The days of learning all the job skills you needed in school are a long gone. Yes, it is quaint to think that professors can teach you what you need to know for work... but that doesn't apply in a world where knowledge doubles every five years. We all must constantly learn... or die. Just ask the steel workers or the people who worked in manufacturing...

It is good to let this union suffer. The union members have a choice of not working and being replaced by non-union talent OR changing their incompetent, Luddite leadership.

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