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Comments made by oneartistvoice

County Supervisors Discuss Ways To Increase Local Food Stamp Enrollment

I agree 102% with Julia. I too went and stood in line seeking aid at 69 years of age and being out of work for two and a half years, altho actively seeking employment. The first time I stood in line was for one minute when I broke down crying, got weak in the knees and had to go home. I did not want to be dependent on food stamps or any other assistance other than working a job! Several days or a week later, I pulled myself together after a tongue lashing from family and friends who meant well and wanted to give me courage to face my plight. I again went to the food stamp office, stood in the line with 4 other caucasians and perhaps over 75 nonwhites. I was STANDING in line 4 & 1/2 hours before being served which took a total of 7 minutes to complete what business I had. I watched the other applicants and listened, as Julia did, to conversations and jokes on ways to scam the system and how to guarantee approval for cash aid or food stamps. I did not have the correct documents with me, so I had to get back in line another day to provide documentation for lack of income and expenses and that business took 2 minutes after standing again in line for 5 1/2 hours. I completed all the reports, gave all the information asked for and was denied food stamps due to a monthly gross income of $9 above the allowable limit of $1,215!! for my son and myself. When I was a small child during the second world war, my family received welfare and charity donations. I remember going with my father to pick up brown paper bags full of food and toys at Christmas time.
I don't like "being there" again!
Finally, The system does not have to be increased or government given more. Efficiency could be applied to the workings. Independence thru employment and offerings of real work with dignity is needed. Obama's senior federal employment is in the same dire straits and inefficient operation as other government offices. I have been in touch with that program since June 2010 and have yet to be offered employment.

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