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Comments made by pahola

Legal Hitch May Keep Thousands In District 4 From Voting For New City Councilmember

I live in Redwood village. Our community council worked hard to build a strong relationship with Marti Emerald. When the district was redrawn we were really disappointed. We redoubled our efforts and built a good relationship with Tony Young. Now he is leaving and not only do we have to rebuild a relationship with a new council person — we wont be able to even vote for them or put forward a candidate from our area! Yet people from the old district, that are not even in this new district anymore, are going to be voting for our representative. They can even send a candidate. How is that fair? It hurts even more when I think about the loss of the opportunity to elect an amazing community leader like Anna Orzel-Arnita. She lives in Redwood Village and would make a great representative for the district. But she cant run and we cant vote for her. To sum up—Can't run, cant vote have to start all over again with someone you didn't vote. If that isn't "Disenfranchised" what is?

January 4, 2013 at 7:10 a.m. ( | suggest removal )