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Comments made by panchoberumen

Ariz. Immigration Law Flares Debate In S.D.

As an ethnic Mexican born in CA and living in Mexicali, I can attest that what has ruined Mexico is that it is not a nation of laws but of personalities, namely, if you are powerful, the law is bent for your benefit. What has made America great is that it is a nation of laws, for no matter how important or popular you are, you are held accountable before the law. The undocumented Mexicans in the US and their supporters want the enforcement of US immigration law to be bent because of personalities, citing the fictitious rights of trespassing individuals and families rather than the exigencies of the law. In short, they are unknowingly and shortsightedly trying to make the US into another Mexico, the very place the undocumented were desperate to escape and frantic to stay away from. The supportors of the undocumented pose as champions of immigrants, carefully obscuring the fact tht the immigrants they are promoting are illegal immigrants. Do we really want another Mexico? Mexico wants to reposses CA, NV, AZ, NM, and TX, and the illegal Mexican immigrants backed by their supporters are working, even if unknowingly, toward that end. Legal Mexican immigrants must wake up to these facts and not continue being dupped, as they have been habituated to do in Mexico, by populist rabble rousers. My Mexican-born father thanked God the US had taken CA because we were able to live in a just and prosperous land. What we must do is tell the Mexican government to give its own citizens the rights it is demanding the US give them, and encourage the Mexican people to protest against their own government instead of invading America to protest against ours.

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The Impact of California's Biggest Tax Revolt

Why is KPBS's focusing on Prop. 13? Clearly you want to change it. Why not feature the way schools spend money on issues other than the basice of reading, writing and math? One caller to "These Days" also has asked you to look at how the school districts over pay the upper echelons. You seem to blame Prop. 13 for all the budgetary ailments of CA. Why not look into the way CA spends money on social engineering projects, incl., e.g., abortion? The multi-million dollar abortion industry lists abortion under other titles in order to get paid by CA. Are schools really the appropriate place to help the poor feed their children? Indeed, questioning Prop. 13 is, as one caller said, opening Pandora's Box, but if KPBS follows all the leads, a great service indeed can be provided to the public. I doubt, however, that the biases of KPBS will allow you to do that in fearless breadth.

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