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Comments made by papatonyinsd55

One Of The First Leafs To Hit The Ground

So, Donna, what's the hangup? Isn't there any kind of 100-volt outlet from which you can run a heavy-duty extension cable from at your condo? I ask, because we still haven't gotten our Blink 220-volt charger station yet, and we have been plugging our own red Leaf in to a regular 110-volt outlet at night, using that cable in the black bag that is in the far rear right of the car. It works GREAT! It tops up the car every night in a couple of hours.

Given how few miles you drive (same as us), it should be MORE than adequate for your needs until (and if) you get the other Blink stuff ironed out. The main advantage of the 220-volt charger is that 1) SDG&E gives us a big discount if we charge from midnight to 5AM, using a separate smart meter, and 2) it's faster. $7,000 is an awfully big expense, which merely discounted electricity may never make up for in your lifetime. In the meantime, start charging at night, right away!

May 9, 2011 at 11:19 p.m. ( | suggest removal )