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Comments made by parkeld

Is I-5 Expansion An Environmental Disaster?

Road widening for traffic alleviation doesn't work. If driving becomes more attractive because the road is wider, less people take public transit, people take more trips, people choose to commute further, etc. until the congestion is resumed.

The Big Dig in Boston got rid of congestion in one point, but it has gotten much worse in other areas, all at an enormous cost.

Here's a talk (50 minutes) from an MIT professor on the congestion alleviation negative feedback loops (the first half of the talk is on this) that doom any road expansion projects.

Also, as you widen the road and suck transit customers out of the train, you create a budget problem for transit, which responds by reducing service, which leads to less riders, which leads uninformed people to say that people don't want to take transit. People love transit when it can get them where they want to go in a reasonable amount of time.

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Is I-5 Expansion An Environmental Disaster?

Why does PUBLIC transit have to pay for itself when freeways do not? Road projects should have more scrutiny upon them, not less than transit. People are acting like roads and maintenance are free. People would be up in arms about paying tolls on I-5, but are expected to pay up to take the Coaster or $2.25 to go a few stops downtown on a bus?

Move San Diego has commissioned a regional transit plan that is very detailed, and available online.

Here is the draft proposal for the mid coast corridor:

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