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Comments made by pengler

Rosiest Projections Leave San Diego Schools With $72 Million Deficit

We need to stop wringing our hands and start thinking strategically. We have a lot of smart people in the district and the community. Let's tackle the problem with positive action and look for win-win scenarios. $72 million is only 7.2% of SDUSD's billion dollar budget. It's not insurmountable. Here's an example of a strategic action that provides multiple benefits. Offer people who are at the retirement age or higher an incentive to retire. Many veteran teachers and staff earn six figures with benefits included, as they should, but they also will earn a similar income in retirement from their pensions. Younger teachers and staff who are laid off or have benefits or salaries cut are much more negatively affected than teachers and staff who retire, and the difference in salaries between the two groups is certainly more than 7.2%. The next generation of experienced teachers and staff would then have an opportunity to move into leadership positions and apply their ideas to help the district function better, find new resources, and use existing resources in new ways. Newer teachers and staff with more modest salaries would have the chance to join SDUSD and begin building their careers. New teachers are supported by BTSA grants, which are awarded based on the number of new teachers--more new teachers hired means more income for the district. This is just one strategy that could reduce costs, improve effectiveness, and increase income. I'm sure there are similar strategic actions in other areas that could accomplish multiple beneficial goals and help the district's solvency.

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More Local Children, Working Families Living In Poverty

There is a knee jerk negative reaction to the word 'socialism' in this country. People seem not to understand that there are many socialist policies in place including corporate welfare, where corporations and certain industries get tax breaks, subsidies, and other assistance from the government, as well as programs for citizens such as social security and Medicare. Probably everyone in the country knows someone personally who is benefitting from that program.

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