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Comments made by philosopher3000

Lawmakers Weigh In On Migrant Transports To Southern California

I don't know what the citizens were doing in Murrieta ('angry mob'? now is that Vargas' biased opinion and an unchallenged characterization of protestors on KPBS), but if the U.S. Citizen Protesters were arrested, where would we put them? We don't have the space to process them all here in California, we might have to send them to Texas.

This "coordinated mass surrendering" is apparently exploiting children for opportunistic financial reasons. The parents abandoning their kids are not refugees, they don't have to travel 1000 miles on the back of a train to escape a local gang, it's selfish economic opportunism, no different than the European conquistadors, immigrants, pioneers, and settlers who invaded and occupied America over past centuries.

If Honduras is so dangerous, why travel to the USA, rather than south to Brazil or Argentina. If you need to run 1000 miles, wouldn't Belize or Costa Rica be an easy choice? The choice to abandon your kids in the USA is a strategic and opportunistic decision, a form of neglect and criminal negligence, no less selfish than when a banker takes a bailout.

If there are TRUE "life threatening circumstances" let these emigrating refugees apply for status like everyone else, make application at the U.S. Consulate or Embassy in their home country, and have their extended relatives in the USA apply to become their legal guardians, and then the children can legally travel to the US on visas, just like everyone else.

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Obama: US Will Send Up To 300 Military To Iraq

How about instead of investing another $TRILLION in DESTRUCTION of IRAQ to make the U.S. "SAFER", this time we just offer the people of IRAQ a $TRILLION in free infrastructure improvements (Schools, Hospitals, Roads, Aqueducts, Renewable Energy Infrastructure) and CREATE an IRAQ with true abundance, liberty, and freedom to choose their religion, just like America?

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Secret Summit: 24 Hours With The Koch Brothers

So glad that iNewsSource has decided to try real investigative journalism about subjects that actually effect our national political environment, rather than sexual hearsay and innuendo gossip scandals, this year.

Mayday, Mayday, Mayday!

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Why Are SDPD Misconduct Complaints Increasing?

A citizen who is dissatisfied with police services or believes they have witnessed or been a victim of police misconduct can file a complaint using one or more of the following methods:
• By telephone to the San Diego Police Department Communications Division at (619) 531-2000. A supervisor will be dispatched to contact the reporting citizen as soon as possible.
• In person at any police facility.
• By telephone or in writing to the Chief of Police:
1401 Broadway, MS 700, San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 531-2777
• By telephone or in writing to the Internal Affairs Unit:
1401 Broadway, MS 709, San Diego CA 92101
(619) 531-2801
• To the Office of the Mayor, City of San Diego, 202 C Street, San Diego CA 92010
• In person, by telephone or by writing to the Citizen's Review Board on Police Practices:
202 C Street, MS 9A, San Diego CA 92101
(619) 236-6296
• By the Chief's Confidential Telephone Recorded Hotline at (619) 531-2672.

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San Diego Voters Reject Barrio Logan Community Plan

I'm pretty sure that most of San Diego's voters would approve the City Council Plan and Ordinances to create the retail commercial buffer zone between heavy industries and residential areas of the Barrio, but there was voter confusion about what a Yes or No vote meant. I blame the loss of this on KPBS and other broadcast media that failed to inform the pubic of what the proposition meant, and which vote would support the people of San Diego.

There are two industries doing battle in Barrio Logan, Land Developers and Ship-Builders.

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District Attorney Dumanis Re-Elected, Defeats 2 Challengers

Dumanis doesn't deserve the job, but no one who is worthy is willing to do it.

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San Diego Voters Weigh Barrio Logan Zoning In Propositions B, C

This is confusing, I still can't figure out which way to vote, or what my vote means?

KPBS could have done a better job of explaining what the vote means.

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Roundtable: Supervisor Horn's Charity; San Diego Opera Future; Fire Lessons

Many Non-Profit organizations often use umbrella entities like parent corporations to run programs, creating another layer of oblique obscurity that looks like money laundering if it weren't government funding through public tax dollars -

The last officially published financial disclosure published by KPBS from 2011 ($21-million budget, highest paid employee?, but total employee compensation $8.5-million, it is now 2014, may want to update) -

VOSD 990 2012 ($1.4-million, highest paid employee Scott Lewis $82,000/yr) -

iNewsSource 990 2012 ($400,000, highest paid employee ? $304,000 in total compensation) -

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Roundtable: Supervisor Horn's Charity; San Diego Opera Future; Fire Lessons

Transparency is the key to good government: Let's be honest, it is not uncommon for rich people (with lawyers) to use the legal systems to avoid tax liability and hide their wealth and influence streams using these kinds of corporate structures.(if you know of a specific problem you can report it: )

There are thousands of non-profit corporations in San Diego County (not including trusts, and political action committees). Until 2010 the state of California and the IRS didn't do much oversight on such organizations, and they still do not question RELIGIOUS non-profits for fear of accusations from the political right of religious persecution.

The money hidden in these 'charities' and 'clubs' is of course peanuts compared to the wealth manipulated in the for-profit corporations, but we like to keep these legal entities obscure and out of the press. It wouldn't be good if the public understood the secret systems of private influence drifting behind our systems of corporate charities, family trusts, and limitations of liability.

The general public should NEVER donate money to a charity without first seeking out a copy of it's 990 IRS tax forms for the last three years, and researching the amount of money used for the intended purpose of the charity via a service like - still it's difficult to see what's going on, look at what the San Diego Foundation does with the money (half-billion in assets, $60-million/yr. operation expenses, $80-million/yr. revenue, highest paid employee $318,000/yr.):

If you look for clear financial reports or IRS-990s for non-profit entities like KPBS, iNews Source, or VOSD, you will not find the latest on the front page of their web sites (where they should be linked) but they are usually published somewhere, even though they claim to deal in investigative news and transparency. The powers that be don't want you to know who is obviously funding them behind the scenes. Transparency is bad for business.

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New Bias Seen In Workplace: Treating Race As A Qualification

"Cultural Competency" IS a qualification. Let's face it, if you are expecting cops, first-responders, teachers or any other PUBLIC Servant group that works with the public to be effective, they must reflect the cultural and ethnic makeup of the people they serve, else they will not be trusted, they will not be able to communicate, and the people paying the bills and electing the representatives will not be happy.

If you can't speak the language, or relate to the culture, how can you possibly teach the student? If you can't gain the trust of the women in an emergency situation, how can you save their lives? We now have 58% of college graduates are women, how come there aren't women running 58% of everything? It's apparently not about competency.

If you look at the competency of Obama against his predecessors, it's obvious who is incompetent. Go to urban schools run by the same people for the last 40 years, and constantly failing, and you see something must change. When you keep doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result, you're insane.

Look at pictures of the the supreme court or congress or your local school board or county supervisors, you get white, male, gray hair, overweight, all across the country. Private sector, too. It's irrational, and statistically impossible, without institutional racism, sexism, and agism. Then people complain about the result.

If 'racial realism' improves the service, creates better, more efficient outcomes, then isn't it just good business. If affirmative action was 'reverse discrimination' to compensate for the 'forward' discrimination of past injustices, then 'racial realism' is not discrimination, it's just hiring and promoting those who have the unique qualifications of 'cultural competency' necessary to get the job done in a demographic that has become the majority in any given population.

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