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Comments made by philosopher3000

New Bias Seen In Workplace: Treating Race As A Qualification

Excellent Program, very rare that I learn something new about a subject about which I've thought so much about. As a former San Diego Lifeguard, I always used to question my bosses why the Lifeguard Service didn't reflect the population of San Diego. They would tell me that is was a cultural difference, that traditional minorities didn't choose to live in a beach culture, or that they didn't have backyard pools to learn how to swim. I thought that was BS, and would ask if women also didn't have backyard pools or didn't 'choose beach culture'?

Then they taught me 'racial profiling' and 'class profiling'. When, out of necessity, we learned to judge people by how they looked or the clothes they wore, in order to predict their behavior, and thus act proactively to save their lives. I had to reluctantly admit that that kind of stereotyping prejudice was accurate, because it worked practically.

From now on instead of asking those in authority why they do not hire women, or traditional minorities, I will ask them why they don't hire people with 'cultural competency' that reflects the diversity of the population we serve? And instead of challenging their prejudice with questions, I'll simply explain it away as 'racial realism' in the American workplace.

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Federal Report: Warming Disrupts Americans' Lives

With a minimum of 3-feet (1m) of sea level rise; Coronado, Mission Beach, and Low lying areas of all beach communities will be unlivable and under water. The properties in those areas are vastly overpriced, an average house plot cost >$900,000, and with all that unearned wealth destroyed by climate change, those owners are going to be begging the public for compensation and asking the government for handouts for their mistaken investments.

Yet, there are still people in San Diego that remain Climate Deniers. Pretending that the weather is just a fluke, and climate-change is not a reality caused by our dumping of carbon pollution into our atmosphere. This is the beginning of the 'End Times' for some Religious Types, who desire the return of their god. They want the coming years of strife and conflict as floods, drought, fires, famine, plague and wars rage.

The effects of GOBAL Climate Change are not in dispute, now the only questions are about how to mitigate the death and destruction for the next generations. Perhaps we shouldn't have been wasting our national potential fighting unnecessary and illegal wars of empire for carbon resources?

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David Alvarez Supporters Analyze Loss In San Diego Mayoral Runoff Election

33% of our electorate (those people who actually register to vote) now refuse to identify as Republican or Democrat. These so called 'Independents' are conservatives who don't care to be associate with Republicans, and a smaller number of progressives or left leaning liberals who reject the Democratic Party.

Alvarez decided to appeal to the Unions and hard core Democrats, but he didn't even try listen to the concerns of conservative whites north of I-8. A mayor must represent ALL the people of the City, not just his constituency, or his Party. He must be willing to compromise with those who have different values.

Faulconer pretends to listen to liberal issues like homelessness, even if his policies will be pro-business and elitist. He agrees that the concerns of liberals about open government and neighborhoods are valid, even while ignoring neighborhoods and minimizing City spending upon transparency.

You can not win a City wide election with either party alone. You need a majority of independent voters, and so to win you must play to their concerns. San Diego is a military industrial complex, it is a business friendly town, with a wealthy population who wish to conserve their lifestyle and jobs. They don't want to redistribute wealth to poor neighborhoods or inner-city ghettos like barrio logan. In playing to his base, David reinforced the racial demographics of his upbringing, and failed to acknowledge the realities or our City's history, much less present values on which everyone could buy-in.

Next time you get $2-million from Sacramento and D.C. don't waste it on conservative media broadcasting. Hire people to walk neighborhoods, organize community meetings in areas that are NOT likely to support you, and invite their local leaders to share their concerns.

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Closing San Diego Unified's Student-Teacher Diversity Gap

Ok, given racists like muckapoo1 above are free to speak, perhaps KPBS could explain why it's important for PUBLIC SERVICE organizations like Schools, Cops, Fire-Rescue, or say, PUBLIC MEDIA reflect the diversity of the people they serve?

It may be illegal to discriminate in hiring, but one of the criteria that qualifies a person for these public service roles is the ability to empathize and communicate with the citizens they serve. The real issue is that if we don't have equal opportunities for minorities in the public sector, then the traditional cycles of institutional poverty and discrimination will continue, and we ill lose the potential of great minds like Obama, as we alienate half the society.

If makapoo1 one would like to come out of the shadows of anonymity, I live for public debate of ideas, and would challenge her to a LIVE Public Debate on the issues. But I suspect that muckabpoo1 lacks the courage or education to compete.

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Faulconer Focuses On Infrastructure, Public Safety In 1st Budget Proposal

Storing all city emails, $500,000
Open Data Officer to oversee open data policy, $200,000

What's the Name and Contact Info for this "Open Data Officer" so that I know where to go to get all the email information?

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U.S. Justice Department: Mt. Soledad Memorial Cross Should Stay

The cross should be moved to church property. On state owned property it is clearly a flagrant representation of religion which is not allowed under the U.S. Constitution, and as such it offends all of us that have sworn to uphold that Constitution and the memory of those who sacrificed themselves to defend it. Take down the cross.

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Meet Ed Harris, San Diego's Newest Councilman

Cool - Congratulations Ed Harris - I just hope, while you lower the permit costs of remodeling Million Dollar beach property, that you can find the money in the budget to staff city pools, or perhaps reinstate Lifeguard Outreach programs:

Due to budget cuts, the following programs are currently unavailable.
Funding our Critical Drowning Prevention and Aquatic Programs - Every $35
Allows A Child to Learn to Swim
• Watch the "Outreach and Education - A Community Initiative" Video
• View the San Diego Lifeguard Service's "Strategic Vision for Outreach and
Education" (PDF)

Operation Waterproof Program - San Diego Lifeguards outreach to local
elementary schools throughout the year to help prepare children for unexpected
dangers by increasing their water safety knowledge. Lifeguards travel to schools
throughout San Diego County educating over 10,000 students every year about
how to stay safe in and around the water.

"Waterproofing San Diego" - In San Diego County, drowning is the number one
killer of kids four years old and younger. Lifeguards want to help. This evolving
program has a vision to create a water safe community through partnerships,
education and awareness for San Diego County, ultimately making it a national
role model for aquatic survival.

"Bridge to the Beach" Program - Lifeguards take groups of new pools
swimmers to the beach for a day. The activities mirror those provided to youth in
the Junior Lifeguard Program and are designed to introduce youth to the ocean

Junior Kayak Team - This Program is sponsored by the Junior Lifeguard Program and focuses on Olympic development in the sport of canoe and kayak.
The team is open to all levels of paddlers from novice paddlers who have never
paddled before to former Olympians who help volunteer with the team.

"Learn to Swim-For-Free" Program - The Park and Recreation Department, in
partnership with San Diego Lifeguards and the San Diego Surf Lifesaving
Association, teach swim lessons at four inner-city community pools - Martin
Luther King Jr., Memorial, City Heights, and Colina Del Sol. Lessons are offered
to youth five years and up during the spring.

Urban High School Swim Teams - The Lifeguard Service, in partnership with
City Schools helped start swim teams at Hoover, San Diego, Morse high
schools. We help recruit swimmers, support the coaching effort and provide
equipment and supplies.

Public Safety Fairs & Military "Safety Stand-Down" Events - San Diego
Lifeguards provide educational information and equipment displays at dozens of
safety fairs and to our local military personnel at local bases. This public service
is intended to educate potential beach in an effort to increase public awareness
on aquatic risk.

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Meet Ed Harris, San Diego's Newest Councilman

"Now is a good time to borrow money" for city infrastructure bonds.
(like $5.2-million for lifeguard boats? Or a few new Lifeguard Towers?)

Learn the issues of non-beach communities.
"I am a normal guy"

Public Safety Funding and Homeless Issues (?)
"Started with the homework an hour after I was sworn in."
Environmental Issues, Public Safety Issues - ("We need to help the developers")

Point Loma, Mission Beach, Linda Vista, - District-2?

Perspective: Working Person?

"There is a lot that can be accomplished with a bipartisan approach."

You have a veto-proof majority on the City Council - "Forces compromise"

"Everyone has to be willing to compromise."

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Meet Ed Harris, San Diego's Newest Councilman

As oversight for a $2.6-Billion Dollar City Budget, zoning and municipal codes, I see a direct conflict of interest in the appointment of a City Employee - who would normally answer to the council - as a temporary trustee. Lifeguard Union Chief (teamsters?) - Leave of Absence, until December, under 'Civil Service' Rules ( ).

Why did you want this job? "Great opportunity, just 8 months of work."
(City Council members get paid $75,386/year, and they control a $1.1-million dollar City Council Budget to spend on 'office staff' - unless they attend extra community meetings and get 'stipends' but it is unclear how much control Harris will have over staff positions, etc.)

As a lifeguard Sgt. his base pay is at least $69,322 but with benefits the actual compensation is about $123,480 (effectively taking a pay cut to serve on City Council)

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San Diego Scientists Offer Free Online Course On Climate Change

Jeopardy Question: "What is 'too little, too late'." - thanks for playing.

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