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Comments made by pipet

Oceanside Man Sparks Debate Over Airport Security Procedures

One thing that needs to be emphasized is that although Pistole keeps claiming these would have stopped the underwear bomber, the GAO report says it's actually not clear that they would have. Most security experts (if they aren't employed by the TSA) don't think the scans or the pat downs would actually do much to increase security, so we're giving up rights for nothing if we don't fight this.

November 19, 2010 at 9:13 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Sex Offender Law Enforcement Flawed?

The problem with this case is that the prior crime of Gardener was not considered a violent crime. He merely molested a child, at least according to our societal standards. This needs to be emphasized, and it is totally glossed over in the media.

The problem we have in our society is that we don't consider sex crimes all that serious unless there is severe torture or someone gets killed. For example, do you know how many rape kits are never processed in this country? It's appalling, but it seems like because it's a sex crime, we don't care all that much. With crimes against children, again, there seems to be the attitude that they will recover - no big deal.

The problem is that many of the criminals who molest children go on to molest other children (and cause all sorts of emotional damage, whether they take a life or not). We need to figure out a better solution on handling sex criminals because they do provide a future risk for the rest of society. Right now we are completely soft on it (but we are sure hard on drug crime).

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How To Bridge Science And Society

The AAAS got off easy when questioned about the openness & availability of scientific information. I'll agree that general information is freely available, but access to the latest research is not. While it's true that understanding the complexities of much research is beyond many non-scientists, scientific research should be available to those willing and able. The AAAS continues to resist allowing open access to publications. Right now, if you want to read current research articles in Science (or many other respected publications), you *must* work at an institution that subscribes or pay a hefty subscription fee yourself.

The AAAS does do a good job of promoting scientific education except in this regard, but I wish they would rethink their position in this area. If the mission is truly to create a better educated citizenry, research should be freely available. Right now, if a high school science teacher wanted to introduce some ideas from a current research paper to the classroom, they wouldn't have the option unless they could afford the subscription fees.

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