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Comments made by pixiedust

Life In Prison: Harriet Salarno, A Victim Speaks

Ms Salarno, you have chosen to allow your grief to destroy you. You have set out to do the bidding of the CCPOA and get your 'pound of flesh' by making sure that offenders who had nothing to do with the death of your child receive sentences are far more lengthy than the gravity of their crime would dictate.

The sad thing is that there will never be enough revenge for you; you will just have to keep fighting for more and longer prison terms, harsher conditions for inmates and parolees; it must give you some perverse delight to know you made others suffer.

I understand the emptiness we experience when we lose a loved one, particularly at the hand of another, but most people come to realize that they have to let go of the hate in order to get on with their lives, and they become better people because of it.

Sadly hatred and vengeance became your two best friends, and now you would not know what to do without them. God help you.

January 16, 2010 at 5:47 p.m. ( | suggest removal )