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Comments made by pmr

News: UltraStar Hazard Theaters

We hope the City Council won't allow the UltraStar cinema at Hazard shopping center to be closed or relocated. Living here in Linda Vista, it's our favorite movie house, because they offer more interesting movies and events - and they have easier parking than at the Fashion Valley or Mission Valley theaters. If UltraStar gets moved downtown, we'd never go - too far, too much traffic, not as safe at night, and they'd probably have to charge more for tickets in that higher rent scene. Nope, we like the UltraStar being located at Hazard just fine. It's a community thing.

Also, if 400 more residences were added at the Hazard center, traffic gridlock anywhere near the intersection of Friars Road and Freezee Road would be insurmountable, would seriously block the stubby little Hwy 163 off- & on-ramps all day long, not just during rush hours, as it occasionally does now. Have you done any traffic studies yet? We think such increased traffic congestion around Hazard would be a serious problem for all the other businesses in Mission Valley. Bad for local residents like us too. We vote no.

May 18, 2010 at 1:52 p.m. ( | suggest removal )