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Comments made by popped

UFW Will Help Jobless Americans Become Farmworkers

Not sure how you take your calls; but mine was not answered; So the point that was missed by your guest and most of the callers is that wages are the crucial aspect when it comes to using immigrants in our work force whether they be legal or criminally in our country. If the agricultural jobs paid a decent wage there would be most willing to work in that area; the growers are now used to being able to pay their workers less because of their immigration status and don't want to pay what American need to have a decent life style. We have seen that in the exodus of other minorities as asian and blacks; And a particular point for the man from Indian who called is that he too is taking jobs from american. Corporation pay these individuals less than what an american counterpart would earn and they are less like to want to invest in the american education system to produce the workers that they need here.
I do support legal immigration and a path to citizenship; but lost here criminally leave should not be rewarded for having their first act in our country being a crime.
As a side point did you invite someone who represented an opposing point of view to this discussion on air or are you pushing an agenda of your own.

July 12, 2010 at 9:40 a.m. ( | suggest removal )