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Comments made by profsteam

Roundtable: Vets React To Fallujah Loss; Racial Profiling And SDPD; Chargers In Denver; Jerry Coleman

The vets are not the story here. The real story is that the growing violence in Iraq is the result of the US-backed central government cracking down on grassroots Sunni protestors in Ramadi. The Sunni protestors who had legitimate grievance against the Shiite dominated Iraq government were gunned down by the military. This led to almost all of the Sunni members of the parliament to resign. This is actually a sectarian civil war started by the Iraqi central government. There is no clear evidence of involvement of Al Qaida in this and to say so is to perpetuate the lies of Mr. Maliki and the White House.

Your piece also overlooked the war crimes that our military committed in Fallujah with chemical weapons, cluster bombs and uranium bullets. There where huge numbers of civilians killed and the entire city deliberately destroyed. There have been huge numbers of hideous birth defects in Fallujah due to the effects of the radioactive bullets. I fail to see how destroying a city and brutally killing its civilian population gave them "freedom and democracy".

Your guests only perpetuated the myths and lies about the current and past events in Fallujah.

January 11, 2014 at 12:15 p.m. ( | suggest removal )