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Comments made by progressivebuthey

Rep. Susan Davis Weighs In On U.S. Immigration Policy And More

Rep. Davis, I like you and have voted for you, but you know that obama planned on expediting the review process but 200 pro-immigrant groups pressured him to back down on this. how is this going to fix the problem? this kpbs story is old because obama is asking 3.7 billion dollars not 2 billion of taxpayer money to deal with the current crisis, but if he's not strict in processing and returning most of the women and children like he claims, he's lying, but he wants our money. we are not stupid. i don't think you think we're stupid, but come on.

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Donations To Help Undocumented Migrants In San Diego Pour In

when border angels showed the stash of crap they are getting, really? a carton of cup of noodles is going to sustain this problem. each plane ride to san diego cost american taxpayers $70,000. the prez wants 3.7 billion to handle the current crisis (feeding, sheltering and hiring more lawyers and judges). each illegal waiting for deportation cost american taxpayers $150 per day to house and feed them.

the catholic church is primary responsible. BIRTH CONTROL is the key here. these people need to stop having babies in these violent, poor countries.

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Third Group Of Central Americans Flown To San Diego

obama wanted to expedite review/deportation, but backed down because 200 pro-immigrant right groups pressured him. obama will not go to texas border to see first hand the mess. obama was ready to expand the dreamer law (DACA) to the parents, but is holding off because of this, but will reconsider. less than 33% of these immigrants will show up to the immigration hearing. now that obama says most will be quickly deported, which is not true, most will not show up to the hearing. recent study says 10% of the electroate is tuned out and does not vote or care about politics. 1/3 are latino. 1/3 are people from other countries (you can speculate who they are). less than 1/2 of Dreamers are reapplying for deferrment because they are inelligible because failing to graduate high school or criminal record. and the list goes on and on and on about the illegal immigrant population bringing this country like the cesspool they came from with no incentive or desire to improve this country --- only enjoy the benefits of a better life other people have created for them in this country. just the facts.

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More San Diego Refugee Girls Are College Bound, Flipping The Cultural Script

americans support true refugees coming from war and religious persecution and love when they see those that come here under that status doing well, taking advantage of all the benefits this country offers, such as these somalis. we oppose illegal immigrants claiming the same refugee or asylum status when it's really a matter of their local thugs, cartels and general corrupt system threatening them. then when they come here, they do not get educated but stay in low skilled jobs and stay getting social benefits, having anchor babies, and not advancing their race or this country.

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Protesters In Murrieta Turn Back Buses With Migrant Families

scott peters is useless. he should be calling for a change in the law to expedite review of the children's claim of asylum at the border, rather than releasing the kids and mothers into the community where only 33% ever show up for the hearing and for those that do, it can but 5 years before a decisio can be made. peters instead blames the lack of comprehensive immigration reform --- which has NOTHING to do with the current crisis.

btw --- demaio ain't doing any better on this issue, but peters is the sitting congressman. this noveember i ain't voting for peters or demaio --- both losers.

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Programs Target Poverty In Obama's Five 'Promise Zones'

when my parents immigrated to this country, we lived in a poor neighborhood. there weren't social services like this program, but my parents focused on education and we all got of the ghetto. we studied, studied, studied. why can't we expect that of poor communities? we coddle them too much, and just make them more dependent for handouts through their lives and furture generations. expect the same that you would expect of your own children. otherwise, it's just a form of arrogance to always be helping the "victims."

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Murrieta Becomes Immigration Flashpoint; Protesters Gather On Fourth

legal immigrant ---- screened, must have employment, must have financial resources, must have family in u.s. to sponsor, criminal records vetted, probably skilled or educated. Illegal immigration is the flip side. You choose who you want in this country.

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Lawmakers Weigh In On Migrant Transports To Southern California

expected vargas the mexican to side with latinos over the american citizenry.

not one lawmaker has demanded a change to the law that unfairly allows certain people in, certain people out of the requirement of legal documentation and entry. they're all spewing the same old crap about comprehensive reform which aint' going to happen.

and where are the journalist? no one is studying what happens to those who are being processed and do not show up for a court hearing. most gov reports say the numbers are less than 33%. ---- just the types of the new american we want --- law breakers their whole lives and users.

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San Diego Immigrant Rights Groups Rally In Support Of Migrant Families

for every dollar spent on this problem, the u.s. must borrow from china because we are in a deficit. ridiculous. spend 2 billion in mexico and central america on birth control. if you can't afford children, can't protect them, can't feed them, can't house or educate them DON'T HAVE CHILDREN.

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San Diego Immigrant Rights Groups Rally In Support Of Migrant Families

immigrant rights groups --- culture of we take, take, take. you pay, pay, pay.

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