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Comments made by provokechange

Christian Right Targets San Diego Judges

Mr. Craig Candelore/Men's Legal Center is the epitome of "Biased."

I would urge all serious supporters of Candelore/Men's Legal Center to research its history. This election would be disastrous for San Diego county courts and for anyone involved.

Mr. Candelore would do well to take care of his failing law firm rather than shift to an arena of increased responsibility and power. The investigation by the CA bar into his recent lack of professional conduct should be the topic of discussion here, not "whether he is biased." He assuredly is that.

Candelore is the Men's Legal Center and would he never sever ties with it. He is neither a specialist in his field, nor an expert in leadership. Please do visit their website or speak with them. One minute in Candelore/Men’s Legal Center’s company is long enough to get the real picture.

Accountability: The only person Craig Candelore/Men's Legal Center listens to his himself. Ask the clients or staff.

Boundaries: Simply put: he doesn't have them.

Common sense: would be to pick anyone but this group. You are who you spend time with.

May 14, 2010 at 7:16 p.m. ( | suggest removal )