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Comments made by pwans

Costs And Benefits Of Sunrise Powerlink Vary By Community

Part 2...

The show did not give adequate air time to the real news, which is the information that the ECCAC had gathered, after months and months of research, and was prepared to share with the listening audience. This information includes facts that have been hidden or distorted about the project, misleading statements that have been made by power link advocates, and disturbing facts that SDG&E does not include in their PR campaign. Ms. Cyphert obviously had much more to say, but she was only given the opportunity to speak in disconnected bits and pieces, and was never provided with a platform to present an overall cohesive body of knowledge against the power link. That's the real news here.

I also want to point out that of the three guests you had on the show, two of them were speaking on behalf of the power link, and only one was against it, but you did not split the air time 50-50 between for and against. I know you cannot always control how much air time each speaker will get, but in this case, it turned out to be grossly in favor of the power link advocates. SDG&E was afforded 7 minutes of uninterrupted time at the top of the show, yet Ms. Cyphert was forced to run the field, quickly squeezing in a response to SDG&E's opening speech, stating one of the main issues, and then quickly trying to respond to Mr. Horne's on-going comments. If Ms. Cyphert had been given the opportunity to present a 5 to 7-minute speech covering her issues, or at least been given a larger window of time in which to speak, we might have had a better sense of why the ECCAC is desperately trying to stop the power link. By the end of the show, we are left without that valuable information because Ms. Cyphert was never given the opportunity to present it.

All in all, I thought the mechanics of the show was very distasteful ; inviting the East County community group to come share their concerns, on a radio show specifically about the movement to stop the power link, and then putting them at an unfair advantage.

I hope you will invite Laura Cyphert back so that we can really know what this opposition is all about. I'd like to hear what she has to say, uninterrupted, just like the 7-minute speech opportunity given to SDG&E. Please let our community leaders have an adequate platform to share their knowledge so that we, as a community, can be better informed. I want to know the whole story, the whole truth, not just what SDG&E, and other big monopolies, want us to believe. I am hopeful that radio shows like yours can help accomplish that. It just didn't happen today.

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Costs And Benefits Of Sunrise Powerlink Vary By Community

Maureen, I was disappointed to see that your show was ultimately about giving SDG&E the perfect media platform for which to deliver their newest public relations speech, rather than provide information regarding the controversy. The show allowed Laura McDonald, an SDG&E public relations spokesperson, to talk for 7 uninterrupted minutes about the power link, yet Laura Cyphert, an up and coming community leader opposed to the project, was not given the same opportunity. Not even close. SDG&E got to say everything they wanted to say, and Ms. Cyphert did not.

We've all heard SDG&E's public relations presentation, in one form or another , but what we haven't heard is what some leaders in our community have discovered after months and months of digging into the facts. Here was an opportunity to be better informed. We don't need to hear any more professionally crafted marketing campaigns from SDG&E, who stand to make millions of dollars in profit from the power link. We already know their position. What we need to know is.. WHY is there such strong opposition to the power link? What are the issues? What will be the short and long term adverse effects to our community? What have we not been told? What is the whole truth?

The ECCAC is the only group who has the answers to these questions. They are the only group who has gone beneath the surface of what SDG&E has presented to the public, in search of the whole truth. They know important facts that have been hidden or distorted, and the public should have the opportunity to hear those facts! If these groups are not given a fair media platform for which to share their discoveries, how will we ever know the whole truth? Your show would have been a great platform to disseminate those truths, unfortunately, due to the arrangement of the show, that very important opportunity was lost.

This show was specifically crafted to be about the growing movement to stop the power link; that it wasn't a "slam dunk." So, why wasn't the focus on the issues of what this opposition is all about? What I mostly heard was SDG&E singing their own praises, not details about the issues of the opposition.

It looked like today's show could have been a well-crafted media guise, politically engineered to support SDG&E. In other words, on the surface it looked like the show was going to highlight the efforts to stop the power link and present both sides of the story objectively, but in actuality, what it did was create a media gold mine for SDG&E to downplay the opposition and to make it look like the power link, and all of SDG&E's actions surrounding it, smelled like roses.

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