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Comments made by ralawrence36

City Council Overturns "Supercenter" Ordinance

I am deeply disappointed in Katie Orr. She bought hook, line and sinker the WalMart story.
The Ordinance to Protect our Neighborhoods and Businesses no where names WalMart. They took that upon themselves by cnducting the signature gathering and media campaign.
The Ordinance called for an Economic Impact Study before a superstore could be located in San Diego. Do you know what the economic impact a supercenter has on small businesses?
There is a proposed WalMart, I understand, for a site at 47th and Market. There is a Jacobs Family Foundation development called Market Creek Plaza at Euclid and Market (roughly four blocks away). Can you guess what impact the WalMart--the largest grocery chain in the country will have on the Food4Less at Market Creek or the Foodland at Euclid and Federal or the Rainbow Market in the strip mall at 47th and Federal?
If you can't, then you understand why that Economic Impact Study was needed. If the City Council cannot require of businesses the information needed to make an informed decision, then we clearly have no right to expect good policy and good government.
WalMart blew the Ordinance away, and maybe that's the way you want to do business in San Diego, but that's not my idea of democracy or representative government.
Richard Lawrence

February 2, 2011 at 3:13 p.m. ( | suggest removal )