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Comments made by rammvm

The Economics Of San Diego's Water Supply

This was an interesting topic, but a key point was missed. Much more education is needed in the school system about water supplies, origin, uses and opportunities. Secondly, a number of the callers gave very inaccurate information, ie growing cotton in Imperial Valley and Central Valley. Unless things have change recently, there hasn't been cotton grown there for about 20 years Conservation is essential, but the State and Country need to plan for future demands which most likely requires more water. CA has an abundance of opportunities for hydroelectric generation as about 40% of the states water is discharged into the ocean without any type of use (N. CA rivers). Is there a way to quickly check facts as people make statements? thanks, bob

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Illegal Immigration In California - A Study In Contradictions

True immigration reform - This is an 18 months program to return all illegals to their home country and correct the failed policies with all costs paid by fines levied on employers and illegal immigrants(such fines paid into a trust fund for solving the problem):1) require ALL illegal immigrant employers to register w/in 6 months and pay a fine, the fine will double each 6 months thereafter for employers that do not register, 2)employers will be assisted over 18 months to replace illegals with people receiving unemployment benefits, with pay and benefits targeted at a reasonable income 3)require ALL illegal immigrants to register w/in 6 months and pay a fine, the fine will double each 6 months thereafter for illegals that do not register, 4)illegals will have up to 18 months to return to their home country with their "anchor" babies if under 18 years of age (these "citizens" would have an opportunity to return if there was a job or schooling waiting for them), 5)the home country will receive some aid from the fines trust fund, if funds available, to transition these workers into the work force-possibly maqueladoras etc that US companies own/utilize, 6)"anchor babies" legislation would be amended to discontinue conveyance of citizenship of births by illegals in US, 7)"anchor babies" with citizenship would be required to go through the citizenship process and learn English, 8)English would become the official language of the US, and ALL voter and other materials would be printed only in ENGLISH.

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