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Comments made by rasmarcus

San Diego Police Close 14 Marijuana Dispensaries


As we in the MMJ community already knew, we have been on the right side of the law. Dumanis "<em>wants the law changed</em>" and is moving forward with <em>her own personal desire</em> and using the most powerful legal position in the County of San Diego to circumvent the law. And the media is backing her up 100%! Reporting <b>Bonnie's story only</b>!

For the other side of the story, which is on the right side of the law, you'll have to read from alternate news sources such as Dave Maass with San Diego CityBeat, San Diego Americans for Safe Access Blog, SoCal Norml Blog, Bonnie D.A.' Mantis Blog, and website.

Bonnie has been working on the same goal since the beginning of her "<em>fierce fight</em>", she voices her "<em>issues</em>" with written law repeatedly and then refuses to follow the law as it is currently written, additionally, she will not allow the local county officials to follow the law as it is currently written. Which in itself is illegal, as outlined in the 50+ page report by the San Diego Civil Grand Jury in the 2005 when they investigated the denial of safe access in San Diego County.

Now, the Grand Jury is investigating her again for the same issues...



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Medical Marijuana Growers Face Risky Legal Environment


Now it's time for Bonnie's Prohibition Clan to look at the "REAL" evidence behind Bonnie's personal medical marijuana hangups and drop all current medical marijuana cases and exonerate all prior cases where the DA's office bullied the court system into intimidating innosent patients into plea bargain convictions.

Bonnie attempted to do the same to Jovan Jackson, but he endured the persecution by Bonnie's Clan of Prohibitionists... Did you know that Jovan Jackson endured solitary confinement? Incarceration without representation? And he was jailed for a month WITH NO BAIL? ALL FOR TRYING TO REPRESENT HIMSELF? Isn't that a constitutional right? Or was that also done away with in the Patriot Act?

On . . you can read more and see an exclusive video interview with Jovan after the 12/01/2009 jury acquitted him of all medical marijuana related charges. . . the post is located here...

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Medical Marijuana Laws Are Hazy

So it appears by comments from the Asst. District Attorney that District Attorney Dumanis intends to set all legal precedent regarding any remaining California Prop. 215 & S.B.420 issues right here in our own San Diego County courtrooms.

Who asked the DA to do this?
Isn’t this called “abuse of discretion“?
How much is that going to cost the county?
How many more good-hearted, well-intentioned, innocent sick patients have to become prisoners of war over simple semantics?

So many questions, yet so little answers or effort from the District Attorney in providing "safe access". The same "Safe Access" that is guaranteed by the same law the position of District Attorney is bound to uphold.

It appears the DA is in direct violation of both HS 11362.78 and Ca. Civil Code Title 52.(1)(3) as well as the California Constitution Article 3, Section 3.5 (c).

But I guess the legal powers of California (aka. Attorney General) don’t mind the DA’s violations. In that case we’ll just sit back and watch the truly evil Bonnie Dumais Show, “Live” from the Courtrooms of San Diego County & City! Get your ticket now by joining, donating and supporting the following groups. . .

So Cal NORML -
California NORML -
Marijuana Policy Project -
Drug Policy Alliance -

Don’t forget to sign up for the mailing lists too…

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Debating San Diego's 'Hard Line' On Medical Marijuana

I guess the MMJ laws are too complex for you INYOURDREAMS...?

Instead of AGREEING with those trying to fight the law, why don't YOU go change the voter initiative that Ms. Dumanis has been uncompassionately (and illegilly) trying to defeat? Can you say "Denial of Safe Access" or is that to complex for you?

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Debating San Diego's 'Hard Line' On Medical Marijuana

O' ya... See you "in court" and not INYOURDREAMS. Can you say "CLASS ACTION" in your dreams?

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Debating San Diego's 'Hard Line' On Medical Marijuana

INYOURDREAMS... When you stated... "Those that say; "Medical Marijuana laws are too complex" are making an excuse and or trying to look for loopholes, for a defense, for breaking the law!"

The same can be said for Ms. Dumanis for using an indiscriminate net in attempting to find anything to call a charge.

Where in the law does it state that a collective/cooperative member can not belong to another cooperative? WHERE? INYOURDREAMS, your statement is.... flawed, as were Ms. Dumanis's methods on the 09/09/09 terror attacks in San Diego!

So... In your dreams...

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San Diego Speaks: Medical Marijuana

San Diego District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis's misinformation campaign regrettably has our highly revered and trusted, "Tom Fudge of KPBS", reporting exaggerated misinformation in order to confuse the legal system and the general public. Please be advised, the 6 weapons reportedly seized during the raids were ALL taken from third party, hired, armed security guards who were hired by the legally defined, California Mutual Benefit Non-Profit Corporations to provide the "appropriate security measures" outlined in the California Attorney Generals Guideline for the "SECURITY" and Non-Diversion of Marijuana Grown for Medical Use Section 4 (b) (8), released Aug 2008. (Source:

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San Diego Speaks: Medical Marijuana

The San Diego County District Attorney statements when asked, "how patients should get their marijuana if so many dispensaries are illegal", were, "They can grow it" and "They can grow it in their backyard. You know, plants. That's what it calls for", however, what of the patients who do not have backyards, green thumbs or even limbs for that matter? A large number of the seriously ill and dying patients have absolutely no ability or knowledge of how to grow medical marijuana for themselves, therefore, they have been effectively "denied safe access" by the DA, Bonnie Dumanis, in direct violation of California Civil Code Title 52.3, as well as, HS 11362.78.

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Debating San Diego's 'Hard Line' On Medical Marijuana

In your consideration, please apply the Checks & Balance form of governmental oversight the Grand Jury System is designed to provide. The lives and liberty of sick, disabled and dying patients as well as the good names of well intentioned, law abiding citizens are in your dedicated hands. (Source:

In conclusion, please understand that compassion is not being requested in this complaint, as the California voters provided the required compassion in 1996 by a 56% margin. I am, however, humbly requesting an objective review, earnest consideration and just determination of my complaint.

Thank you for your time and attention.

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Debating San Diego's 'Hard Line' On Medical Marijuana

Furthermore, Ms. Dumanis is "on the record" with her stated opinion that Federal Law supersedes California State Law, however, according to the California Constitution such statements and actions are clearly prohibited under Article 3, Section 3.5 (c).
“An administrative agency, including an administrative agency created by the Constitution or an initiative statute, has no power: “To declare a statute unenforceable, or to refuse to enforce a statute on the basis that federal law or federal regulations prohibit the enforcement of such statute” unless an appellate court has made a determination that the enforcement of such statute is prohibited by federal law or federal regulations.”

California Constitution, Article 2, requires changes to a voter initiative to be submitted to the voters of the state and approved by them. Thus, no Board of Supervisors, nor Sheriff, nor District Attorney, nor San Diego County District Attorney, nor Legislature, nor Attorney General, nor Governor has the legal right to change the state’s medical marijuana law. Only the voters can change or modify this law.

Legal precedent has been set. The California Supreme Court was presented three opportunities to declare the Compassionate Use Act of 1996 unconstitutional yet they have not only refused to do so their legal decisions have clearly upheld that the People of California had every right to pass and enforce the CUA. Ms. Dumanis's actions are in direct violation of the multiple state laws as well as a blatant attempt to nullify the will of the People of California in direct conflict with our California Constitution, the highest law in our state.

Please be advised, members and employees of medical cannabis collectives and cooperatives arrested in San Diego County who are facing Section(s) 11357, 11358, 11359, 11360, 11366,11366.5, or 11570 charge(s) have been effectively "denied safe access" by the San Diego County medical cannabis raids that were officially ordered based on personal opinion, misrepresented information and misquoted law by Ms. Dumanis, with the assistance of several members of the San Diego Police and Sheriff Department's in direct violation of both HS 11362.78 and Ca. Civil Code Title 52.3 and is clearly a flagrant abuse of power and exaggerated use of force by the authorities involved in the raids.
(Source: Health and Safety Code § 11362,775 and Health and Safety Code section 11362.81(d), California Civil Code Title 52.3)

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