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Comments made by rasmarcus

Debating San Diego's 'Hard Line' On Medical Marijuana

In both situations, the targeted individuals were providing: “a means for facilitating or coordinating transactions between members” as legally outlined in the California Attorney General Guidelines for the Security and Non-Diversion of Medical Marijuana Grown for Medical Use. Which means the above statement by Ms. Dumanis offers to prove that Ms. Dumanis is waging a misleading and deceptive, politically targeted media campaign to the confuse the general public in order to support the effort by County of San Diego District Attorney to circumvent state law and constitution with regard to medical marijuana, to all intents and purposes, single handedly, creating a modern day medical marijuana prohibition in San Diego County. I challenge the Grand Jury to press Ms. Dumanis for answers to the method of safe access of medical marijuana and how the District Attorney believes the law should be accomplished for San Diego County legal medical marijuana patients who can not grow the plant for themselves. The California Constitution prohibits the District Attorney from declaring Proposition 215 unenforceable or refusing to enforce the statute.

Moreover, the San Diego City Council was not involved and did not vote for the new San Diego moratorium/ban, prior to 09/14/09, on the issuance and non-renewal of business licenses for medical marijuana collectives and cooperatives which apparently was ordered prior to 09/14/09, without public involvement (Brown Act Violation?), directly from the DA’s office, “ex post facto” and as it appears by the timing of the moratorium/ban to have been the precursor to the raids referenced above.
(Source: Corp. code 12311(b), Ex post facto, Brown Act


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Ms. Dumanis has and continues to misquote the Compassionate Use Act in news media interviews and on her Facebook webpage with respect to Primary Caregivers. What the Compassionate Use Act actually says is "health 'OR' safety", not the 'AND' safety misquote by Ms. Dumanis. Subsequently, Ms. Dumanis uses her position of immense legal power and the same misquoted law during news media campaigns as reasoning to intimidate and "indiscriminately" raid legally formed mutual benefit non-profit medical cannabis collectives and cooperatives using televised shock and awe enforcement tactics to effectively harass and terrorize the seriously ill and dying patients, their primary caregivers as well as their non-profit collective/cooperative employees and volunteers in violation of California Civil Code Title 52.3.
(Source:,; Civil Code Title 52.3)

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Debating San Diego's 'Hard Line' On Medical Marijuana

Many raided organizations are willing and able to prove, upon request, that they are legal and honest California Mutual Benefit Non-Profit Corporations. The District Attorney is directly violating California Civil Code Title 52.3, as these organizations are being denied the legal ability to provide “safe access” to member patients and they are under constant strong-arm, S.W.A.T. style threats of random raids and prosecutions at the opinionated whim of the most powerful legal position in the County of San Diego. These non-profit organizations were absolutely crystal clear with regard to their medical cannabis mutual benefit non-profit organizational intentions on their respective business license applications and all were issued San Diego or other county municipality business licenses, with similar land use descriptions, to conduct business as stated on the respective applications and in accordance with all state laws and guidelines regarding medical marijuana and the non-diversion of medical marijuana grown for medical use. However, none of the issuing municipality employees were arrested or detained for issuing the (Ex post facto) “illegal” business licenses as accessories to “drug dealers” as the non-profit organizations were referenced in the news conference by Ms. Dumanis in response to the raids. Additionally you should be aware that some of the raided Mutual Benefit Non-profit Corporations had been open for less than one month, however, Ms. Dumanis stated that they were operating illegally as a “for-profit” business, knowing there is not enough time to possibly substantiate or provide due diligence to make a claim of "for-profit”. (Source:, San Diego Business License (included))

At the beginning of the above referenced news conference, Ms. Dumanis is shamefully quoted as willfully and purposefully misinforming the public by stating:
“Let me be clear from the start, this investigation has nothing to do with the medical marijuana patients or their caregivers, like most San Diegans I have always supported the legitimate and legal use of medical marijuana.”
However, several of those arrested during the raids were “member patient volunteers” and “member patient employees” who were targeted solely because they; 1) Verified the documents of an undercover law enforcement officer who was posing as a Compassionate Use Act of 1996 (CUA) patient in order to obtain fraudulent medical marijuana documentation or 2) assisted an undercover officer in obtaining the legally grown, member transacted medical marijuana within the legally formed mutual benefit non-profit collective or cooperative.

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Debating San Diego's 'Hard Line' On Medical Marijuana

Mr. Fudge, thank you for your attempt to shine a light on the "Hard Line" being experienced in San Diego County with regard to the medical cannabis efforts, laws and guidelines. I have drafted a (not yet filed) grand jury complaint specifically with regard to the 09/09/09 terror attacks on San Diego's sick and dying medical cannabis patients. If at all possible, would you look into and report some the grand jury complaint items listed here?

For reference, I am the individual who brought the "Medical Marijuana Collective/Cooperative Land Use" issue to the Imperial Beach City Council Agenda on 08/19/09 and I seem to have successfully caused the first and only city council in San Diego County instruct the city staff to immediately move forward with the creation of a land use ordinance. The council meeting has been posted on YouTube.

Citizen Complaint Form
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#2 What: Subject of Complaint:

On 09/09/09 San Diego County District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis orchestrated, what appears to be, a politically motivated S.W.A.T style assault on 14 medical marijuana collectives and cooperatives in San Diego County using misquoted law and personal opinions as a basis for denying the voters will regarding Prop 215, circumventing SB420 and misrepresenting the California Attorney General Guideline. Although some collectives/cooperatives directly targeted by the raids were issued a notice to discontinue operations, many others that were targeted were not issued a notice to discontinue operations, subsequently many locations simply reopened hours after being raided as these organizations are confident they are operating within the Description of Operations on each applicable business license application, Prop. 215, S.B. 420 and the California Attorney General Guidelines for the Security and Non-Diversion of Medical Marijuana Grown for Medical Use, released August 2008.
(Source:,,, Corp. code 12311(b))

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Debating San Diego's 'Hard Line' On Medical Marijuana

The San Diego County District Attorney statements when asked, "how patients should get their marijuana if so many dispensaries are illegal", were, "They can grow it" and "They can grow it in their backyard. You know, plants. That's what it calls for", however, what of the patients who do not have backyards, green thumbs or even limbs for that matter? A large number of the seriously ill and dying patients have absolutely no ability or knowledge of how to grow medical marijuana for themselves, therefore, they have been effectively "denied safe access" by the DA, Bonnie Dumanis, in direct violation of California Civil Code Title 52.3, as well as, HS 11362.78.

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Debating San Diego's 'Hard Line' On Medical Marijuana

San Diego District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis's misinformation campaign regrettably has our highly revered and trusted, "Tom Fudge of KPBS", reporting exaggerated misinformation in order to confuse the legal system and the general public. Please be advised, the 6 weapons reportedly seized during the raids were ALL taken from third party, hired, armed security guards who were hired by the legally defined, California Mutual Benefit Non-Profit Corporations to provide the "appropriate security measures" outlined in the California Attorney Generals Guideline for the "SECURITY" and Non-Diversion of Marijuana Grown for Medical Use Section 4 (b) (8), released Aug 2008. (Source:

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