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Comments made by ravenelizabeth

How Has 9/11 Changed Your Life?

My GED certificate says September 11, 2001. It may not seem significant to most people aside from the date. But I was a 17 year old D.C. resident. During the time of the attacks, I was on the Potomac Job Corps campus, which is surrounded by the US Naval Research Labortory, the DC Police Recruit Training Academy, the DC Fire Recruit Training Academy, and the DC Public Works water treatment facility. Four miles north, just accross the river, is the Pentegon. Most of the students were taking a break from testing when there was a horrifying sound and the ground shook violently. We thought the lunch hall had had a gas leak and exploded. We all went running up the hill to only find other students pouring out of a class crying and screaming that the World Trade Centers had been attacked. Panic got worse, as we realized that our campus was in tact, while in the distance a huge pilar of thick, black smoke rose into the sky. The GED exam is scheduled as a two-day event. We took the entire test that day. My mother worked for NPR in D.C. at the time. I couldn't reach her until the next afternoon. One cousin, a teacher in New York at the time, ran toward the disaster to try and help. My mother's longest friend, who lives in New York, was running late for work in one of the Towers that morning. Another of my cousins, from Albuquerque, flew in a couple days later with his engine company to help with the recovery and clean up efforts at the Pentegon. I never ask about what he saw.

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