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Comments made by rayjoe

One Book, One San Diego Wants Your Input For Next Book

I too would place my vote for the most inspiring story I have run across in a long time - LOOKS EASY ENOUGH, A Joyful Memoir of Overcoming Disease, Divorce and Disaster. What makes Mr. Stevenson's story so relevant to me and my family is that we too lost our home in Scripps Ranch in the same Cedar Fire. Reading Mr. Stevenson's account gave me a whole new way to look at our tragic experience. The new outlook I got from reading his book has literally changed my life. I now look back at our loss with much less sadness and despair and have the strength to meet any new challenge/loss head-on knowing that I will come through a better person. Thank you Mr. Stevenson and thank you Mr. Joseph for posting your vote as well.

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One Book, One San Diego Wants Your Input For Next Book

It sounds as if I'm too late to suggest a book for One Book One San Diego.

Oh well. But regardless of whether I'm late or not, I want to let you know about a great book a friend gave me to read. It's titled LOOKS EASY ENOUGH, A Joyful Memoir of Overcoming Disease, Divorce, and Disaster. The story takes place in San Diego, but is relevant almost everywhere and deals with overcoming adversity. At first I thought the book was an inspirational story, then I thought it was comedy, then a love story, and then . . . the author even shows us, the reader, how to build a house. The book is all of these, and much more. At times I was crying, at times I was laughing, but most of all I was inspired - to that see this guy (the author), this average Joe, could make it through this exceptionally hard time in his life, then there is no reason that I can't also make it through my own tough times.

Paraphrasing the back cover: After working as an architect for twenty-five years, the author decided at the age of forty-six to marry for the first time, retire, and move to a small mountain town to live the simple life and build their dream home. Instead, he found himself supporting his wife through breast cancer, helping his sister through a grueling four-year divorce from an abusive husband, painfully witnessing their retirement money circle the drain in the biggest stock market crash since the Great Depression, and watching as a thousand-foot wall of smoke and raging flames approached their home, the home they spent the last three years building themselves, before turning it into a six-inch layer of ash. Yet, through it all - cancer, divorce, a forest fire, and a market crash - the author sees what he calls the big picture view of life, THE MAGIC, and comes out smiling.

Definitely my choice for One Book One San Diego.

One man's humble opinion,
Ray Joseph

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