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Comments made by Ray Lutz

Citizen Activist Challenges License Amendment For San Onofre

The 50-mile limit we have soundly refuted. First, it does not say statute miles. Because we are talking about radiation blowing in the air, meteorologists use nautical miles. I am 46 nautical miles away. But the 50 mile radius is also ridiculous in other ways. The Executive Order 13579 by President Obama says independent agencies should be open to involvement by "interested" members of the public, not people who have an interest, which they say means I have to have been "actually injured". Second, a study was done on the impact of a Fukushima-like event at the Diablo Canyon nuclear plant, which is just north of Santa Barbara. The winds carry the radiation all the way to LA and San Diego, 225 miles away. I would be clearly impacted if they had to declare a 50-mile radius an evacuation area around the plant. But we also have a number of members of Citizens Oversight (See and they live within the 50-mile radius. I honestly think our challenge will be allowed to proceed to a hearing.

December 10, 2012 at 9:24 a.m. ( | suggest removal )