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Comments made by rbari4

Uncertain Fishing Season Ahead For San Diego-Based Boats

For starters, sport fishing is a volatile industry. As stated in the article, fish can be plentiful one season and scarce in another. I don’t think the MLPA should be blamed entirely for the sport industry’s fishing boundaries and economic downturn. The MLPA is trying to regulate offshore fishing in order to replenish fish populations that have nearly been eliminated since the cannery period of the 20th century. The purpose of the MLPA is not to cause the sport fishing industry or other fisheries to go broke, but to prevent fishing exploitation by these very industries that depend on fish stocks. Fishing is a tough market to be in, and is very competitive, but there must be limits in order for fish stocks to be replenished by larger more mature adult fish, that have better reproductive success than smaller younger fish. The MLPA is there to replenish not only the fish diversity in the oceans, but the economic industries that benefit from it. It is very difficult to regulate the demands of the fishing industry, as well as protect the ecology of our oceans. So it is my belief that if you are in the sport fishing industry and know how volatile the catch may be, it would be wise to seek an alternate source of income. It is not wise to depend on one source of income, that is volatile in nature.

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