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Comments made by re4s0n4

Study Suggests E-Cigarettes Tied To Youth Smoking

I have a huge problem with the statement, "It appears as though the tobacco industry is targeting kids." Who is the tobacco industry in this case? China, where a lot of this low grade unregulated mystery E-liquid is being produced? This is a different problem altogether. If anything the "Tobacco Industry" is jumping on the bandwagon, with Blu eCigs. I think this is just a purposeful attempt of the opposition to create a narrative that will help pass opposing laws.

Additionally, this article is one sided and biased. It does not represent the device users that prefer the nicotine free versions of the e-liquid, those who like them for the oral fixation or are hobbyists, and will never be interested in nicotine.

I wouldn't disagree that more kids are using tobacco products, because of the gateway effect, but that is a far cry from a targeted maneuver from the "Tobacco Industry." In short, to say kids are being targeted is a stretch. Adult's like flavors too, and this argument is tired, juvenile, and a possible scare tactic to help facilitate the movement of the upcoming push for anti-eCig legislation.

Do we think "they" got in a room and conspired, and that is why we have e-cigs? Where is the memo proving this? Where is the evidence for this? Do I hear, Reefer Madness echoing in my ears?

"Their getting our kids, lets stop them!"

Thanks for listening, KPBS.

March 7, 2014 at 8:40 a.m. ( | suggest removal )