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Dumanis Cancels Talk At San Diego City College Amid Protest Threat

I went to the First forum held at the college. Officials from The Center for Community Solutions was also there...saying they wouldn't support GPS with Victim Notification so women could save their own life.

The Center for Community Solutions – as well as the Family Justice Center, including Lt. Lori Lunhow, specifically told me they were NOT interested in GPS with Victim notification.

They’re interested in conferences about Domestic Violence Awareness. Two years ago I asked the City Council to purchase GPS to give to family courts. San Diego has the money, but those in power, including women clearly do not feel women are important enough to allocate funds.

“Victim Notification” technology empowers women to save their own lives – including a Siren, is both available and unwan. Neither family court judges nor city and council officials including the various non-profits, is remotely interested in solutions.

Another device, comes with a siren to warn Everyone. The clip featured sex offenders because John Gardner was in the news at the time.

However, GPS staffers on duty 24/7 could just as easily call the women victim to tell her to get out of harms way ahead of time and in real time to help her save her own life, activate the siren, and then call the police. But the GPS staffer is the First responder…in real time.

Judges claim a new law is needed. Incorrect. They could order it and the Court of Appeal could affirm or deny the order. None however, seem willing when ordering a restraining order, to add a GPS enhancement after a hearing regarding evidence. GPS with Victim notification isn't needed in every situation. That’s up to judge to decide.

But family court judges not only aren’t protecting women, they show no sign of willingness to even try.

Elected officials from Christine Kehoe to Garrick, to Nathan Fletcher, are mute. So Family Courts dirty little secret is is Family Court judges have long adjudicated crimes in family court.

Of the eight reasons listed, for supervised visitation FOUR involve crimes committed against family members.
The woman in the video was targeted by Bonnie Dumanis.

The technology is here.
The technology is inexpensive.
But the technology is denied women because the bottom line is:

Women are not important enough to allocate funds for inexpensive equipment. Another “Domestic Violence Awareness” Conference isn't needed. What's needed is officials to be held accountable for discarding half the population.

Also, it would be nice if media had beat reporter in Family Court as it's the busiest court in the nation and the one court which most impacts people. But that's why they call it "Media" instead of "Journalism.

Bonnie Russell

September 21, 2011 at 8:18 p.m. ( | suggest removal )