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Comments made by reneetk

A Life Destroyed By Mental Illness

Mental illness did not destroy Evan's life. A dysfunctional mental health system (in large part because of lack of resources), under-trained police officers, a family that didn't have adequate support, a media that perpetuates stigma and a community that accepts what the media says as truth, ignorance across the board, failure to embrace the concept of recovery.....these are some of the things that led to Evan's death.

No one wants to experience mental illness and no wants wants their loved ones to experience it. Guess what, the same is true of cancer. The difference is that people get treatment for cancer, society is compassionate towards individuals with cancer, the media rallies around efforts to support those with cancer as well as fundraising for research to cure cancer....there is no stigma, there is no discrimination, there is no scapegoating.

If Even died of cancer, the headline would have been something like "Evan lost a valiant battle against cancer." Well, actually, there wouldn't be a headline because it wouldn't be viewed as newsworthy. Treat mental illness the same way that cancer is treated and there will be no headlines like "a life destroyed by mental illness."

July 25, 2013 at 7:30 p.m. ( | suggest removal )