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Comments made by renetkt

Local Brewers Discuss Latest Trends In Craft Beer

I lived in Bavaria for a couple of years, Batmick, and I agree with everything you write here, especially your point about coldness as a masking agent. Those German fundamentals and traditions may not be "creative" in the American sense of positive affirmation, but most towns' creations epitomize brewer's art at its finest.

Aschaffenburg had Heylands. I sorely miss its flavor and aroma... and the small city where I enjoyed it.

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Local Brewers Discuss Latest Trends In Craft Beer

I find that craft brews in the US consider innovation to be something akin to putting bleu cheese dressing on a burger and hailing the "audacity" that brought that about. I like English pales and Newcastle Brown, traditional brews that have stood the test of time. As the man said, IPA was an innovation necessitated by long ocean voyages in hot climates, so why not go back to flavorful, non-India pales?

The best Yank pale I've had is Shakey's Pale Ale. (Yes, from the pizza joint.) It's a good, basic, secure brew that doesn't require raiding the kitchen spice cabinet. Some of these brews you're talking about on the show are like calling Michelada a brew.

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