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Comments made by res_ipsa_loquitur

Playground Nearly Tossed In SD City Financial Clean-up

We Need Your Help - COURTS VACATED - GGHCDC MAD - illegally established by the City of San Diego

California Superior and Appellate Courts Ruled 3-0: Greater Golden Hills Community Development Corporation’s Maintenance Assessment District (GGHCDC MAD) was illegally established by the City of San Diego; ordering a Writ of mandate, vacating the City’s Resolution establishing the District (thus it never legally existed), and invalidating all assessments. The City of San Diego also was found to have illegally Gerrymandered Balboa Park, the City Golf Course, and several other city lands/properties into the YES VOTE to purposely and greatly skew the vote into the City’s favor to establish its own MAD. The citizens NO Vote would have clearly and in large numbers won if it was not for this and other acts of corruption and malfeasance by the City of San Diego and its employees.

The City’s Bureaucrats and City’s Attorneys are again playing Games and bad faith. The City has no intent to comply with and/or accept the intent, spirit, and letter of their Rulings [writ of mandate vacating the City's Resolution forming the District and invalidating the assessments], nor returning the invalidated assessments to property owners.

The city’s contempt for the COURTS and CITIZENS is exhibited by the city’s assertions to the public of not accepting the court’s ability to vacate, but will instead resend the GGHCDC MAD District effective at some later date (after spending all the money & CYA)? That after Judge Whitney’s ruling the City in fact increased the assessments and allocations to District, assisted their agents to disband the voted oversight committee, and eased spending restrictions.

The city’s contempt for the COURTS and CITIZENS is further exhibited when after the APPELLATE ruling the City’s responsible executive Beth Murray, Deputy Director Economic Development Division, directed the vacated District to spend the invalidated assessments. Neither Beth Murray nor the City Attorney has yet to inform the County Tax Collector of the Courts Rulings, this to stop the mandatory collections of these assessments and to issue corrected tax bills (since both courts were very clear as to city’s criminality and malfeasance).

Because of the City’s continuing Bad faith, to specifically ask to retain judicial oversight, order the city to return all funds, and to immediately order the city to notify in writing the property owners of their rulings and how and when the monies will be returned.


The Honorable, Richard S. Whitney, Judge; Superior Court of San Diego County; Post Office Box 120128; San Diego, CA 92112-0128

The Honorable, Joan K. Irion, Associate Justice ; Patricia D. Benke, Associate Justice; Gilbert Nares, Associate Justice; 4th District Court of Appeal, Div 1; 750 B Street, Suite 300; San Diego, CA 92101

October 25, 2011 at 6:24 a.m. ( | suggest removal )