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Comments made by rhonda5

Some San Diego Parents Advocating Against Common Core

deprotinator- My son attends a public school who partook in the "field testing." He's in fifth grade and he took the test along with two of his friends. He stated the test was incredibly confusing and he didn't understand what the questions were asking. He had also stated he didn't want to go back and take any of the other tests because it was too frustrating. I had him opt out and discontinue taking the tests. I also know of a third grader at our school who took the test and one of the questions that was asked was what does 2 + 2 =? If the student answered that 2 + 2 = 5 and was able to logically explain why the answer is 5, her answer would be correct. I don't know if you've taken child development classes but I have and children at this age cognitively think concretely and don't start developing and thinking abstractly until the age of 12. You can't expect 8 or 9 year old child to logically explain his or her answer. As far as your comment about a "gap" or scores being definitively higher or lower in certain states, this is partially due to demographics. I'm not opposed to changes that would help improve our educational system. I am also personally invested in this because I still have three children both in the primary grades as well as secondary grades who are attending school but Common Core isn't the answer.

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