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Sushi's Secret: Why We Get Hooked On Raw Fish

To get our McNugget sushi, we'll need chicken farms in space.

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Frida Kahlo Paintings In San Diego: Do Audiences Know They're Copies?


Not many people read press releases. But a lot of people do read newspaper ads:

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Frida Kahlo Paintings In San Diego: Do Audiences Know They're Copies?

This show represents the tip of a very large iceberg, what with famous original artworks such as Kahlo’s being literally priced out of public space, while technologies such as laser scanning and 3-D printing advance to the point where it may soon be possible to create molecular-resolution replicas of famous paintings.

But this show is not using any such technology. So the ethical issue hinges on the degree to which the paintings on display offer not only an experience above and beyond what one would get from seeing a show of photo reproductions, but more to the point, the experience of seeing the actual original paintings.

It’s here that this show fails both visually and ethically, as the painted replicas are decidedly not identical to the originals. Visitors who wish to determine this for themselves won’t be able to verify it, because they can’t: the show bans visitors from bringing art books into the show, which would enable them to compare photo reproductions of the originals with the painted versions on display.

When I went to see this show, I discovered a curious chink in this visual armor: at the very end of the exhibition (near the red velvet rope), an easel was set up displaying what appears to be a large photo reproduction of Kahlo’s original “Self-portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird”. If the promoters haven’t already removed this item from the show, visitors can make very good use of it. Study closely the image of the cat’s eyes in this photo-reproduction, then make a beeline back into the galleries to the corresponding painting, and decide for yourself just how high of a quality these so-called “replicas” are.

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