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Comments made by ridgwayjm

Former President Of Mexico Discusses Ways To Stop Drug-Related Violence

I can't agree more with David65. We can't accept the cartel as victors, then go on to legalize drugs and turn into a dope-up nation. The US military may be our only option (after we leave Iraq & Afghanistan). BUT, the Mexican people have an EXTREMELY strong bias, even a paranoia, against any US troops in their country. So this yearly massacre in Cuiad Juarez may just be pushing them to overcome their paranoia against the US and accept US military aid.

Note again that the Mexican drug war is killing many more civillians per year than the "war" in Afghanistan -- it's not even close!

Other than that, the only thing I have to say is that Vincente Fox's interview with Maureen Cavanaugh shows that he's a blowhard who can't stop talking! But maybe he's traumatized by the bloody events.

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"8 Murders a Day" Documents Tragic Violence In Juarez, Mexico

Maureen, I just heard your show with Charlie Minn, and it was great, because it was truthfull, painfully honest, non-PC, and hard-hitting. I usually listen to AM Talk Radio because I believe in truth and clarity, not watered down by excessive liberalism and political correctness. I'm going to listen more!

Grim realities: Juarez in particular and parts of Mexico in general (like Guerrero) are much, much more violent than Afghanistan! There's a real WAR going on south of our border. It's being fought by terrorist gangs i.e. the drug cartels, who are fueled by drug money flowing from America. The other side (the Mexican Police & Army) are corrupt, not very competant, and low-paid. The cartels are as vicious as any Al Queda terrorist. I hear NO leadership from America to try to PRIORITIZE stopping drug use in the US. Legalizing drugs in the US is giving up! The drug use has to stop & the cartels have to be destroyed by force! The cartels will turn (are turning) to other money streams like kidnapping, if drug money goes down. So the first thing to do is to cut off their drug money, and then they have to be taken out militarily. They're not going to go away on their own. I believe also that Mexico must introduce the death penalty. Putting homicidal gangsters in prisons, just so they can be let out by corrupt guards, isn't going to do anything to stop the violence!

This war in Mexico is much more important to America than Afghanistan or Iraq or Libya. If Mexico would let us, we should send in troops to the border cities to crush the cartels. Unfortunately, they are not going to want to do that. So we'll just continue living with this violence in Mexico and the US -- an intolerable situation I'm afraid.

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