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Comments made by rip

San Diego Week

Dear Gloria:

Thanks for your vital program covering important local issues. I was surprised by the response by both your guests to the question of supporting fire agencies. This was expressed as their idea that not voting for the "parcel tax" was opposing additional fire protection. Either they are ignorant of past history or have another political agenda, but long term residents know they previously voted for additional funding for fire protection, but those funds were used almost totally for "other" law enforcement uses, ie sheriff's department and almost nothing was directed to fire protection from those funds. Fool me once, ...... Voters are not as stupid as our local politicians think and after being duped are not fooled. I live in such an area and evacuated my home during the last fire, but voted against the most recent tax. It is way past time for the political system (county supervisors with their slush fund of over $10M for example) to stop spending our money on their pet projects and act in a responsible manner with our funds! They should all be on notice that were are on to their actions be prepared to retire soon as it seems beyond their capability to act in out interest before their own!

Rip Sessions

August 14, 2009 at 8:04 p.m. ( | suggest removal )