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Comments made by robbrown

What Fuels Atheism in America?


With regard to atheism vs. agnosticism:

I don't like either of the terms so much, because I think they are poorly defined. (and I don't buy into the argument that there is a big difference between "actively disbelieving" and "simply not believing". When I am thinking about it, it becomes active).

For me, belief or disbelief (in anything) is really a matter of how likely I think that thing is to be true or to exist. I think that it is most likely, say 99.999%, that that earth is spherical rather than flat. I don't know for sure -- there are various ways I could have been fooled, and like you say humans are fallible -- but based on what I've seen and heard, I'm quite confident. Likewise with the question of whether intelligent extraterrestrials have visited Earth....I would give that a probability, but that one is quite low, maybe around 2%.

With the "god question", there is another issue. How do you define God? If you define it broadly enough, I can say it is likely (in my view) he exists. For instance, "god is nature" or "god is a psychological tool people use as a coping mechanism".....sure, that exists, but so what? If you define God so vaguely as to be meaningless, sure, he exists.

So for me, I say the more your definition of God is an entity with human (or animal) qualities -- thoughts, intention, desires, emotions, etc -- the less likely I think it is that said entity exists.

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