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Comments made by romaroma

UC San Diego Researchers Try To Quiet Noisy Hospitals

This is so true and has been for a long time. My mother was in and out of Scripps Chula Vista many times from last June to this January - The noise was awful. It's not just the noise of the equipment, although that is bad and no one responds to the alarms when they go off. Nursing staff, especially on the night shift, seem to forget that although it is a working "day" for them, the patients are trying to get some sleep. Out in the hall, and the closer you are to the nurses' station, the loud chatting about their family/personal life, cell phone conversations with errant boyfriends, the often raucous laughing and the plain disregard for the people in their care, is overwhelming. Contrary to the ICU experience noted in the article, the experience at the ICU at Scripps Green and Chula Vista, was remarkably different. With few exceptions, it was relatively quiet.

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Holes In S.D. County Safety Net?

Sometime ago (within the last year?) KPBS interviewed someone from Social Services. What struck me is the person kept using the phrase, " if the person deserves the benefit..." Every time the issue of benefits came up, she used the word " deserves" rather than the appropriate word(s), "qualifies for" when discussing the approval of these benefits. I did not hear that word being used today but I believe this is likely still the crux of the problem in San Diego. I would imagine that those applying for any benefit are insulted every time they apply for any benefit - some may not be "deserving" in the eyes of the county, but most probably qualify and should receive the benefits without having to grovel.

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Special Education and Schools

My sister (who is bilingual) works for one school district while her son (who is special ed) goes to another so I hear a lot about the issue. These would be my basic points:

Special Ed adminstrators are usually happy to see advocates - the good ones are knowledgable, educated in the process and realistic in their demands. They work hard for their clients, are thorough in their requests and have the child's best interest at heart.

Parents or guardians MUST be involved in a positve way. A child internalizes the positive example of a caring adult, and a parent/guardian involved at school is probably involved at home as well.

My sister is actively involved in her son's school - she works with him at home and is a leader in his school's PTA. As a parent, she works hard to keep programs like the homework club and after school activities that benefit her special needs son. A single mom, she does not abdicate her responsiblitity for her child's behaviour and understands she is responsible for instilling the discipline her son needs to succeed.

As an adminstrator, she puts in long hours making sure that all available resources are identified and put to the most effective use for every child in the program. She deals with grandparents who are guardians because the parents of the children are in jail or strung out on drugs; she deals with guardians who are themselves bi-polar or have some other disability; she deals with parents/guardians who have never put any limits on a child's behaviour at home and expect the teacher to magically resolve all issues at school. She does this while dealing with a myriad of government regulations and reports. She does it willingly, with a caring heart and with great devotion to the welfare of each child.

And God forbid we should talk about all the children who take valuable resources away from all programs - those illegally in the country, and those whose families live in Mexico and attend school illegally.

No offense to Mr. Dean, but I would bet he would not last a month as a teacher or an adminstrator in a Special Ed program.

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