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Comments made by rpharbaugh

Was This The Final Floatopia?

The police wonder why people get so intoxicated is because there is nowhere to drink! If you have multiple areas to gather and drink then the population of drinkers will be considerably less. Bringing the beaches back should be considered an option. Taking away yet another gathering spot for local drinkers will only cause more problems. What's next, Kate Sessions park? I believe if you have a variety of places to drink, the problems would be less, along with much less people in one gathering (floatopia). What they are doing is "pushing the cattle around" i would like to call it. Point is, When they rid of drinking on the beaches, parks, etc everybody goes to one location as a result (floatopia), there is bound to be problems everytime. More people = more fighting, more drinking, more police, more problems. I think the alcohol beach ban should be braught back into consideration to reduce the amount of people at one gathering. Despite holidays, July 4th, memorial day, etc. I believe THOSE days or even just the week/weekends of, they can have the ban on alcohol.

July 24, 2010 at 11:30 p.m. ( | suggest removal )