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Comments made by rsauerheber

Is Horse Racing Safe?

The studies published in Fluoride, Jan, 2006 on 'Horses Poisoned by a Fluoridated Water Supply", in Pagosa Springs, CO, proved that drinking fluoridated city water for only 6 months causes bone X-ray abnormalities in quarter horses. This is because fluoride accumulates into bone at concentrations far higher than in the water in a cumulative, irreversible manner. A horse that consumes more than 6-7 grams of fluoride from all sources should not race anymore because the half that is stored in bone would total hundreds of mg/kg which weakens bone. The UC Davis physician referred to in the above article found that virtually all the euthanized racehorses that broke bones had bone abnormalities revealed on X-ray prior to the lethal breaks. Fluoride levels in feeds are not allowed to be higher and phosphate supplements have high amounts of flien. Now that So CA has been fluoridated for several years, I'm not frankly surprised by all the racehorse deaths being on the rise. Unfortunately, Mayor Sanders accepted millions of dollars in start-up funds to also fluoridate all of San Diego beginning in May in spite of these concerns, in spite of city citizens voting against the practice on two separate occasions, and in spite of the plethora of published data indicating human bone cancer rises significantly in fluoridated cities. As we mourn Senator kennedy's passing, his son remember in fluoridated Boston was one fo the unblucky who got this disease and lost his leg to save his life. There's no need to waste the billions spent on the procedure of injecting the hazardous waste fluosilicic acid into most water supplies in the entire U.S. with a drug that when absent does not cause cavities anyway. The FDA has never approved of injecting this into public water since it is uncontrolled use of a drug. Horses drinkng15 gallons a day and the drug was not designed for them. As yet Dr. Arthur does not put much credence into this, but nevertheless it is impossible for fluoride in a horse's bloodstream to avoid incorporation into bone and weakening it, thereby at a minimum is contributing to the racehorse problem. the Pagosa Springs horses were eventually killed by fluorosis after 9 years drinking 1.3 ppm fluoridated soft water.
Richard Sauerheber, Ph.D., Chemistry, UCSD, currently Palomar College, San Marcos, CA

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The Turbulent Tides of Health Care Change

The most egregious violation of public rights in our history, according to a Nobel Prize scientist and I agree, is the injection of fluosilicic acid into public water supplies of most U.S. cities (except San Diego). This procedure, designed to decrease children's cavities (but found in our 4 largest studies it doesn't do so (Yiamouyiannis, Fluoride the Aging Factor, 1993; NRC, 2006) is enforced by the government's Oral Health Division of the CDC. The people of San Diego voted on multiple occasions against fluoridating our water supplies, but Mayor Sanders accepted 5 million dollars from a dental consortium to begin the procedure in May, 2010. The National Research Council 2006 Report proved that drinking 1 ppm fluoridate water for only 2 years accumulates fluoride in bones to 2,500 ppm and the effect is irreversible and increases for the life of the consumer. We now have an epidemic of hip fractures in the elderly in the U.S., many who perish from pneumonia while waiting for bone to heal. Fluoride weakens bone and delays healing (NRC). The CDC published that the costs for convelescence for hip fracutres alone is 12 billion annually, while the OHD at CDC ignores the notion that water fluoride is contibutory. Some people have levels as high as 12,000 ppm fluoride in bone who live in fluoridated cities (NRC). Senator Feinstein's San Diego office agreed with me that the billions spent for this could be given to agencies such as County Medical Services who treat the uninsured now, without need to pass additional legislation. But Mayor Sanders continues his quest to place CA AB733 fluoride law above Federal drug laws that forbid drugging anyone without consent or to use any cancer-causing chemical as a drug. Yiamouyiannis's work proved long ago that fluoridated cities have higher per capita cancer deaths than nonfluoridated. This has been proven in court in 3 separate cases and yet fluoride is not banned. The FDA has never approved of fluorides for ingestion, being an insecticide and rodent poison comparable in toxicity to arsenic in acute treated animals (Merck Index), but has never banned it either. San Diego has enoyed having normal fresh water for its entire history. Why must this be changed in May (Signonsandiego)? The citizens need to have their voice heard and I urge KPBS to get involved and help spread the truth and to read 7 textbooks against this, summarized at Our Wild Animal park, fluoridated and aluminum treated for 4 years, had its elephant shows canceled, zebras segrated, and sheep with hoof and skin issues and other effects. We must protect the zoo even if people can't seem to become concerned.
Richard Sauerheber, Ph.D., Chemistry, UCSD, currently Palomar College, San Marcos

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