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Comments made by rschmitt

Feds Urge Fluoride Levels Be Watered Down

The first four comments beg a response. I have just listened to the tape of the broadcast. Dr Pollick did not discount the parent's experiences. He urged them to obtain confirmation on very rare diagnosis via a second opinion. Bix and Wagner60 are correct in that dramatic reduction in sugar intake would reduce dental caries. We currently have an epidemic of obesity which could be cured by diet. Universal improved diet is a fine but nearly impossible goal. Preventing dental caries with safe levels of fluoridation will be more than a bandaid until we find sure fire ways to control what we eat.
Shaputnic01 makes frightening and untrue statements from very old data . Shaputnic01 and others will benefit from reviewing the 2006 detailed report of the National Academy of Science on fluoridation. The US has a 60+ year experiment that profoundly reduced a public health problem of dental caries and its associated compouding of heart disease and diabetes. I hope San Diego will soon no longer be the largest US city sans fluoridation.

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