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Comments made by sadsituation

NCTD Chief Answers Questions About Agency Turnover

I agree with all of the commenters above. I also appreciate KPBS printing out Tucker's quotes. When listening to his speech the first time, it's easy to get lulled into his lieing doubletalk. But, when reading the quotes, it shows that he was being arrogant, evasive and untruthful as always. Did you notice how he also managed to get a cheap shot in at KPBS during this interview? Yet another dumb move on his part.

I, too, am a former employee, however I left on my own when I witnessed all the chaos occurring. With a family to care for and bills to pay, had I been forced out, I think I would have taken the severance over waiting 2+ years and gambling on possibly receiving more in a lawsuit. Kudos to those who held out for 6 months of severance instead of 2 or 3 months. Tucker is so afraid of lawsuits now that I think he would give everyone at least 6 months if they push for it. As for Tucker himself, IF and when he finally leaves, I hope KPBS will post his severance agreement for all to see.

It is sadly true when one of the commenters said that "Tucker plays carelessly with the lives and careers of employees the way a child with ADHD might play carelessly with action figures." Folks -- you have to see it to believe it! But, this is definitely the case. One day you're in his favor; then the next day you're not with no reason or justification. His mood changes dangerously every day. When he decides he's done with you, that's it. There's no getting back into his A group once you've been cast aside. Funny how he hangs his hat on the ONE management employee who has been with the agency over 20 years. I believe that person started with NCTD in 1990, which would be 24 years with the agency to be exact. Sadly, this one employee has become Tucker's poster child.

A new wrinkle has developed which is a problem for both Tucker and NCTD. Since the Sprinter shutdown debacle in March 2013, Tucker has developed a bad name for himself in the transit industry that appears to be spreading nationwide. Therefore, when he goes out on interviews, he doesn't get the jobs. The Board likely feels sorry for him and keeps extending his contract. It's turned into a vicious cycle. Lots of people are on the sidelines shaking their heads in disbelief wondering when this ship will finally sink and whether Tucker will decide to go down with the ship, or leap into a lifeboat at the last minute.

It's time to get a grand jury investigation going on this sorry organization, its inept and arrogant CEO, and its clueless Board of Directors!

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Managers Continue To Leave North County Transit District, Severance Adds Up

I found all of these comments to be right on the mark. In particular, I felt the comparison between Tucker's and Hitler's regimes to be quite compelling. I've often thought of that comparison as I've watched this organization, once an outstanding agency, spiral downward into the disastrous straits it now finds itself. As a taxpayer, I would fully support San Diego MTS taking over NCTD. Folks -- what would it take to make this happen? Is a Grand Jury investigation the first step? If so, does it take more than one person to initiate this? MTS would do a much better job overseeing and running transit services in the north county. Their performance speaks for itself.

I further agree with the commenters who said that going to work for NCTD while all this turmoil is going on would be career suicide. I've steered a large number of people away from applying there. Things will get better once Tucker is finally gone and time is allowed to undo the harm he has caused. Rumor has it that he's on a 1-year extended contract. Hope the Board wises up and doesn't extend it yet again. But, they might! Astonishingly, they continue to drink the Tucker Koolaid, which is why I cannot vote for those in my jurisdiction when they come up for reelection. And, I'm not just one vote. My entire family and close friends will not vote for them either.

As for taking arms away from the Security Guards, I, too, was shocked to learn this. I speculate that one of the reasons Tucker made this decision was that he needed those monies to help pay off former employees when they leave the agency. Some of those who were let go got a much better deal than those who left on their own. Imagine... making your current salary, collecting health insurance, and adding service credits to your Cal-Pers pension when you're not even there! And in some cases this went on for 6 months?!

Finally, I'd like to give a kudos to Mr. Racino for bringing to light the corruption, arrogance and inept management that has become the trademark of NCTD over the past few years. Please keep investigating this agency. It seems to be one of a very few ways that the unseating of the CEO dictator might finally happen. Another way might be from all the poor audits they continue to receive. The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) has this agency on its radar. The FTA provide the largest source of revenue for NCTD. If they start tightening up the purse strings until NCTD cleans up its act, I can't see how NCTD would be able to continue functioning.

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Emails Show NCTD Changed Paperwork After Info Request

I just read this article and am once again flabbergasted over the corruption being allowed to run rampant inside NCTD. It is obvious that the Human Resources Manager, Karen Tucholski, had never worked for a public agency before she came to NCTD. Imagine... Recommending that the leadership training contract signatures be backdated! Well, I imagine Ms. Tucholski's days are numbered now. Tucker doesn't let too many employees make it to their 5-year pension vesting before he cuts them loose. She should be no exception! And that new Chief of Procurement, Bruce Petrozza, had better be held accountable for this cover-up as well. He knew (or should have known) this was all happening.

As for Tucker himself, I'm convinced he has something on the Board members, which is why he hasn't been given the old heave-ho in these past 5.25 painful years. Well, at least there is some consolation in knowing that he's now perceived as "damaged goods" by many in the transit industry. It appears he's gone as far as he can go in his career. At this point, it is likely the Board members feel sorry for him, and they don't know how to get out of the quagmire they created by hiring him. Wish they would simply buy out his contract and bring in a strong leader temporarily to calm the troubled seas while they search for a much more competent replacement. I agree with the previous commenter who said a Grand Jury investigation would be prudent into all the cover-ups and mis-management allowed at NCTD over the past several years.

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