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Comments made by salshah

Climate Scientists Discuss Efforts To Educate Public About Global Warming

Moderator Cavanaugh, These Days: Why feature only one side of the debate on Climate Change? The scientists spend all the time proving the doubling of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere in the past 50 years and reaching the conclusion that it is the main reason for warming. To a layman like me who prefers to get his news from PBS Nova programs, I cannot ignore the special on dinosaurs living on the north slope of Alaska eating ferns or the ice core research on Greenland that shows ambient temperature 8 degrees above today's level 1000s of years ago. And the recent warming phase in 1000AD when Greenland was green and had Danish colonies for 500 years but vanished with the arrival of the ice age. We did not even have industry in those days to cause that warming. The sun even though it is so far away is our biggest energy source and we do not know enough about its cycles and its solar flares. Over 98% of our atmosphere is non carbon dioxide mainly nitrogen and oxygen. Why not some research on that? Thanks for the opportunity to give some common sense facts of this matter. Sal Shah.

February 21, 2011 at 10:27 a.m. ( | suggest removal )