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Comments made by sanderson

Government Shutdown To Close San Diego-Area Military Commissaries On Wednesday

CA Defender....

These calculations are close. You are correct this is good pay for a 20 year old with NO children. Hopefully his/her spouse is also working. However if you add children to this pay it is greatly reduced either with child care or the wife/husband stays home. So this is where the commissary is needed.

Now lets move on to the housing allowance, $1986 is not a lot of money for southern CA. Great allowance if you are in a middle state! If you have children you want to live in an area that is safe and has good schools. In San Diego the options are slim. Military housing is always an option, the entire sum of allowance goes to them. However the wait to get into housing is sometimes long.

Lets not forget the long deployments and dangerous destinations that these men and women go to. $50,000 is hardly enough for the circumstances these folks deal with while being away and the thought of maybe not returning.

The tired old line about military pay being too low?? It is the truth, if you have a family (not a single guy) living in southern CA with military pay (only one parent working, because someone has to take care of he kids) you are by no means in the medium income.

So I guess it is safe to say you only believe someone with a college degree should be paid $50,000 a year. The kid that raised his right hand to protect your rights and freedoms should get much less? Sad.

Here is a thought: why do unemployment checks still go out during the government shutdown but people who actually go to work stop getting paid?? Wouldn't it make more sense to stop unemployment checks and still pay the workers at the commissary so the commissary can stay open for those people that need it the most.

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Government Shutdown To Close San Diego-Area Military Commissaries On Wednesday

FYI- Active Duty Military do make the same amount of money as civilians, just incase you have been living under a rock for the last 20 years.

Commissary prices are a lot lower on a majority of everyday items. Yes, military families could shop around for lower priced items off base. However, this uses gas to shop from store to store to get lower prices.

Are you aware that some Military families are on food stamps and WIC because they do not have enough money to buy even those needed items? This is a crime, so while you sit there in your nice cozy home safe think about those families trying to make ends meet.

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