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Comments made by sanvin1

No Federal Stimulus for San Diego Police

tschaeff- As a free American you are certainly entitled to your opinion but I wander what data you use to determine that the the police helicopter is "the most expensive least effective piece of department equipment"?

You may be surprised to know that your San Diego Police air unit is responsible for taking hundreds of violent and dangerous criminals off of the streets each year, and provides assistance to officers on the ground in hundreds of additional arrest.

Talk to the parents of any small child who experiences the sick feeling in their stomach when then realize their child is missing. While I am not a member of the San Diego Police air unit, I did assist in locating a missing 7 year old child in Bonita last week which was located as a result of a law enforcement helicopter.

Members of the San Diego Police aviation unit have become nationally recognized experts in law enforcement helicopter tactics. What does this mean? It means they are one of the best law enforcement helicopter aviation units in the entire nation!

Try to convince the police officer(s) who was in foot pursuit, of an armed car jacking suspect that the the police helicopter is the least effective piece of department equipment. The suspect fleeing officers went over a fence, then climbed over himself to re-arm himself with the loaded shotgun that he tossed over seconds before (not seen by the pursuing officers). The Tactical Flight Officer, viewing the suspect and the shotgun on his FLIR video, radioed the pursuing officer not to go over the fence after the subject. The suspect is then caught on tape killing himself with the shotgun. Many criminal-suicidal people are more than happy and willing to take a peace officer or anyone else with them on their final trip to destiny.

In 2007 your San Diego Police aviaiton unit won a national award by FLIR for the best arrest in the country using the night time FLIR camera. This was a night time foot pursuit of a wanted felon, that lasted well over 10 minutes, but was taken into custody because of your police helicopter and their expertise, (that is to take nothing away from the hard working officers on the ground.)

I now hear rumors of a "hot prowl" residential burglary suspect that lead San Diego Police on a 20 minute plus night time foot pursuit, a few weeks ago, but was taken into custody due to the incredible work of the pilot and TFO watching and calling out the entire pursuit on their night FLIR camera.

While your can hold tightly to your belief that the San Diego Police Helicopter is the least effective piece of department equipment, you can also know that if you or a loved one is unfortunately effected by a violent crime, you will have one of the best police helicopter crews in the nation coming to help YOU.

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