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Comments made by sara_h

Unscrambling The Impact Of Prop B

This was an attempt to simplify a complex issue, but really made it sound like the only thing Prop B does is shift the risk from the City to city employees. It makes it sound like Prop B will work, without talking about the initial costs, the unfavorable results of the Independent Budget Analyst, or the disingenuous interests of Prop B's promoters.

Thank you for your clarification above, Katie, but if the segment this morning was all a voter heard on the issue, he or she would have been sadly misinformed.

For relevant, straightforward discussion by Linda Perine:

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Solutions Waning For Tenants Of Substandard Housing

I lived in a little six-unit apartment building in Ocean Beach about a decade ago. My daughters were approximately 2 years old and 6 months old when we moved in. We lived there about two years.

Within the first year, my eldest developed asthma. I didn't realize it at the time, but every time she caught a small cold (as kids in preschool often do), she would wheeze, lie quietly on the couch, her neck visibly sucking in with every shallow breath.

I shared a bedroom with them at the time, and my mattress was against one wall, a dresser against another. The room only really worked with one configuration, so that's how I kept it. When I finally moved the dresser, the back of it was covered in mold. I then checked the bed: it, too, was covered in mold wherever it was in contact with the wall.

My landlord loaned me a dehumidifier. He was a nice old Portuguese man, but he didn't know what to do. I figured all old housing in my budget would have similar problems given the damp San Diego air, and the connection to my daughter's worsening health problem only slowly began to make sense to me.

I eventually moved, and we were enrolled in a childhood asthma study. The workers who visited every few months indicated we were one of the only English speaking families in the study. As much as I'd tried to advocate for my daughter once in the emergency rooms over the years, I still felt I didn't understand the problem or what our home solutions could be. The program was educational and helped, and as my daughter has aged and I've reduced her exposure to environmental contaminates, she's strengthened.

The problem is only worsening as our buildings age, and it's a tremendous environmental justice issue in San Diego. Thank you, KPBS, for raising some awareness of the issue.

October 7, 2011 at 1:06 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Developers Try To Skirt County's New General Plan

Lael Montgomery's speculations don't match history. Bill Horn & the Board of Supervisors grant exemptions almost without fail to the benefit of developers.

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"Transit First" Could Become The Law

Further support for "Transit First" legislation, with info on additional benefits and a San Diego--centric focus:

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Another Legal Challenge Over Carlsbad Desalination Plant

Desal is a great concept, and the technology is getting better all the time. If Poseidon hadn't lied to regulators, mucked up the approvals process, and weren't trying to co-locate with the power plant using something much more destructive than the best technology available, we'd probably have it in the ground already. They parade, posture, and peddle their pricey water, but they and their investors will make a huge profit off San Diegans... which means, they will lobby behind the scenes for your cost of water to increase exponentially in the years to come.

Recycled water for potable use, produced locally, will be purer and half as energy-intensive as imported water. If you trust the science and technology behind desal, wastewater reuse is even better. Conserve, re-use, and allow desal technology to improve before stranding us with a behemoth plant that will be too expensive to operate - (research Poseidon's work in Tampa.)

And, PS, none of the prior litigation has been dismissed as frivolous or without merit. One of Maloni's favorite PR spins includes claiming a "rejection" of some sort, but that's nothing but creative spin... Judges, too, are politically swayed and often support bad public policy, but none has supported Maloni's rhetoric.

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