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Teens And Depression

I'm really sorry I tuned in late to the show today - I really wanted to call in and mention that unfortunately, detection and recognition of depression are only the merest start of what can end up being a debacle of years of trying different medications, struggling with side effects and living with the very real danger that medications can sometimes make the possibility of suicide even greater. I'm 44 and have been dealing with depression since my teenage years and with medications from when I was about 26 up until I was 36. Eight years ago I got into a treatment program with a vitamin supplement called EMPowerPlus and it has literally transformed my life. I take no more medications and instead of being barely able to hold down a job or relate to people, I now have a career, a wife and a family and am even going back to school. I'm not perfect but I'm much more stable and I now at least experience my own emotions instead of the gray midline conciousness that pharmeceuticals seem to provide. Your milage may vary of course - some people seem to function great on anti-depressants - but as clairo mentioned above, nutrition and health are major factors and before anyone subjects their children or themselves to the potential dangers of brain-altering chemicals, they owe it to everyone involved to try a more subtle approach. I don't want to trigger any spam filtering by posting a link, so if you're interested, just use google and it will lead you to the TrueHope site. Really interesting history on how this product was developed. If you want to try it I strongly recommend bullying your doctor and HMO into covering at least part of the costs - EMPowerPlus will hopefully one day be a frontline treatment for all mental health issues but that won't happen until more doctors and insurance companies are informed.

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