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Comments made by sbourg

The Impact of California's Biggest Tax Revolt

MEMO TO FISCAL LIBERALS: Workers who don't work for the govt, should not be thought of as the 'cash cow' for govt. Taxes and govt services and pay/bfts for remaining govt workers should be slashed. And in a perfect country, the land/property/house we own, should be OURS. It should NOT be taxed. The Constitution gives rights to landowners to be secure in their ownership from unreasonable search and seizure. Ergo, it could easily be Contstutionally argued, that property taxes violate the Constitution. We should not basically have to pay rent to the govt to keep our property. For proof of that statement.......what if govt doubled the prop tax and it became unaffordable for the owner? Guess what......that happens.......many counties in NJ. Prop taxes are a travesty. Period.

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The Impact of California's Biggest Tax Revolt

I meant, above, obviously,.....California's excess $2B/month SPENDING. And you all should get out of your liberal fiscal mentality and see what fiscal insanity is wrought by more and more govt spending and more and more tax burden on private sector including our children's future working careers.
Oh, had an article yesterday (3/1) from the UK Telegraph describing an analyst's opinion that California is in trouble like Greece. Too bad it takes UK newspapers to tell the truth.
Hey folks......wait til more baby boomers retire (like me when I'm 60). We'll be moving to the LOWEST tax states, and guess where that WON'T be? Right..won't be Calif, NY, NJ, Md, etc. Which will cause more problems for prolific spenders like Sacramento, Albany, etc.

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The Impact of California's Biggest Tax Revolt

Gee, what a surprise -- a professor in the UC system doesn't think the state govt spending has run amok the past 10 years! What inquiring minds want to know about this "sociology" prof, is this: How much do the taxpayers pay you, how much pension are you earning each year payable at what age, and how's your health insurance coverage? Any other unsustainable pay and benefits you get? And you all have the nerve to think that the problem is the state doesn't receive enough taxes from its private sector citizens. Jeezus. It is real difficult listening to logic like yours. I'm glad I moved out of the state. By the way how's that excess $2B/month by the state coming along? Answer: Not well......think of Greece. The only solution for sustainability in Calif is for state workers, (yes, including non-essential 'ees like Sociology profs) to take a 20% pay cut and freeze the Defined Benefit pension accruals, and revert to a 3% 'er match like the private sector gets. But of course Sacramento and the state 'ee unions will resist this until Armageddon hits. Which isn't too far off. See postings this week.

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